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Emotions play an essential role in our everyday behavior and overall well-being. Emotions are an integral part of our lives that we use to communicate our subtlest feelings. They influence our perceptions, relationships, behavior, and the choices we make at any given moment.

Emotions help us understand other people but also allow others to understand our inner world. They help us avoid danger and succeed in life. Scientists today agree that the basic emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger, fear, disgust, and surprise serve as the basis for the more complex and delicate emotions that we experience.

Every emotion we experience has three components:

  • A subjective element (how we experience the emotion)
  • A physiological part (our body’s reaction to the emotion)
  • An expressive component (our behavioral response to the emotion).

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

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The growing scientific evidence shows that emotional intelligence (EQ or EI) is more important than IQ for your happiness and success. Emotional intelligence is about how you understand and manage emotions and involves components such as emotional awareness, self-management, social skills, empathy, and motivation.

Emotional intelligence might be more critical in achieving success than your IQ; EQ can boost your self-esteem, enhance your motivation and self-control, improve your relationships, and fast-track your professional success.

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Emotions Impact Your Heart

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Studies suggest a correlation between stress, depression, and heart disease. Stress may contribute to cardiac arrest and heart attack. When you are stressed, your body releases cortisol and other stress hormones as a response. These hormones prepare your body for the fight or flight response, so they increase your blood pressure, cause your blood vessels to
narrow and push blood to the center of your body, and your heartbeat more rapidly.

After the emotion subsides, your heart and blood pressure should return to normal. However, if you experience ongoing or excessive stress, your heart doesn’t have time to recover, causing heart disease. A balance between excitement and calmness is vital when it comes to the heart.

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Emotions Help You Make Decisions

Our emotional intelligence has proven to play an important role in our decision-making processes. Emotions strongly influence the decisions we make, from less significant ones (what we are going to have for lunch) to big life decisions (who we are going to marry). However, our emotions impact not only the nature of our choices but the speed at which we make them. Research has found that certain types of brain injuries can significantly affect a person’s ability to experience emotions, control impulses, and make the right decisions.

Emotional Intelligence Helps You Understand Others

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Emotional intelligence involves the ability to recognize other people’s emotions and respond to them appropriately. People with high EQ have strong empathy skills that include the ability to identify and understand other people’s emotions and use that understanding to enhance their
communication skills. Empathy is key to healthy relationships as it helps us understand the needs, viewpoints, and feelings of others.

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Whether they are brief, persistent, forceful, or even life-changing, emotions impact all aspects of our lives. They motivate us to act and make decisions and give us tools to express ourselves and interact with others. By understanding the importance of emotions, we can better understand how to manage them.

Suppressing them, ignoring them, or judging them keeps us stuck. When you are ready, when you have made the decision that it is time to move forward, and to honor yourself, book a time to speak with me, and let’s reveal what’s possible.

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