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I won't lie...

Investing in a coach takes COURAGE.

Investing in a coach like me takes even more COURAGE, because you have to TRUST in yourself and put in the work to make that change.

I’m not here to fix you, push you or drag you anywhere. I am simply here to guide you, support you and collaborate with you every step of the way. I hold a loving, safe, and non-judgmental space in which you will grow…BUT you need to be willing to see yourself make the climb…step by step.

I will say that my coaching isn’t for everybody. We go deep and we go together. BUT…if you need help with:

✔️  Becoming a resilient self-leader
✔️  Overcoming stress, anxiety, and feelings of overwhelm
✔️  Creating a mindset shift for a more positive YOU
✔️  Breaking free from a toxic or unhealthy relationship
✔️  Creating an actionable plan to reach your career goals


✔️  You’re AWARE that you want to shift
✔️  You’ve DECIDED you are ready to do the work
✔️  You TRUST yourself, AND
✔️  You’d like to KNOW that we are a good fit…

Let’s start a conversation with the power to totally transform every aspect of your life.

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1-on-1 Coaching packages range in investment level with pay in full or monthly payment plan options available. Custom plans may also be available, such as text only coaching, bi-monthly sessions or create your own package. Visit the FAQs page or message Kamini directly at today to discuss payment options and to find out more.

“I help people remember how powerfully resilient they are” ~ Kamini