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If you are looking for a coach, Kamini is it! Kamini helped me with the process of Conscious Uncoupling. She's very experienced, insightful, patient, a great listener, everything you need in a coach, and then some.

Even though our sessions were via ZOOM, Kamini made me feel very comfortable, connected, and present during our sessions. It was very easy for me to open up and explore my feelings as I dug deep into my heart and soul. Kamini is a fantastic coach and I'd recommend her in a heartbeat!


Kamini is incredibly insightful! She is able to extract so much meaningful information from my everyday happenings and reflect her observations back to me in a way that I can make new and empowered choices for my life. It always seems like a nourishing chat and I come away with so many nuggets of wisdom. Kamini has made a lasting and transformational impact on my relational skills!


I had a bad experience with coaching before, and working with Kamini just made me realize how much this can actually work.


Wow! You just covered a new layer. You are just amazing.


I have learned so much about why I was struggling with feeling like I was stuck. I had been through therapy before, but coaching really let me see things differently.


I am so thankful to get to talk to you. I feel so supported and know that I can say anything. This is one of the first times that I actually feel heard.

Parent of a Teen Client

Looks like something was a great idea (me finding you) and excellent work by you!


The impact you have made on me already (and I am sure all your clients, family and so many others) will have ripple effects and goodness will spill over to so many other things to create something amazing, beyond imagination.