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A Podcast By Kamini Wood

Kamini Wood works with high achievers on letting go of stress, overwhelm and anxiety that comes with trying to do everything, and trying to do it all perfectly.

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The Concept of Narcissist's Hoovering

How do you respond to a narcissist hoovering? The key is having boundaries and reaching out to your support system for them to help you hold those boundaries. It’s important to recognize that hoovering is a manipulation tactic. Once you understand that, you will be able to equip yourself with ways on how to respond.

The Triggers Behind Anxious Attachment Styles

Attachment style refers to how we connect with people on a default level. Our attachment patterns generally come from how we were cared for as children and they get brought with us to adulthood. However, even if we grew up in a great or not-so-great past, we can always work on our attachment patterns and relate to others in a healthier way. This episode focuses on the anxious attachment style. 

Are You In A Toxic Workplace?

Toxic work environments can cause us to feel anxious, stressed, and can sometimes lead to physical illness. Sometimes, we don’t notice the telltale signs, and we think these work environments are just ‘normal’. Kamini sheds some light on what’s unacceptable and what to be aware of if these things are happening to you! 

Top Guest Podcast Features

Overcoming perfectionism from wings of inspired business featuring Kamini Wood

Overcoming Perfectionism

That intense pressure for perfection in all areas of our lives is an impossible goal that prevents of from taking action when we need to most, even if it's imperfect action. Kamini shares how to overcome perfectionism, and why your success will come from taking “imperfect action”. 

Letting go of limiting beliefs with self compassion from into the wild featuring Kamini Wood

Letting Go Of Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are a series of shackles weighing you down, preventing you from taking that next step forward in your life. Perhaps it’s in fear of delegation, the worry about trying something new, or even the stories you tell yourself about how you’re not good enough.

How to overcome your limiting beliefs on the balanced beautiful and abundant show featuring Kamini Wood

Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs represent a state of mind that you consider valid but are falsely defining you, your relationships, or the people around you. They weigh you down, preventing you from moving forward and making meaningful progress on the things you want to improve.