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Hi, I’m Kamini!

“When I saw my daughter dim her own light because she didn’t believe her shine was “good enough”, my world stopped and changed forever.”

My story starts in a small town in Connecticut. I grew up in an Indian family in a predominantly white town, with darker skin and a name that some people deemed “odd”.

Though I loved growing up in a quaint town, I secretly felt that in order to find acceptance and belonging, I had to find a way to blend into the scenery around me. This feeling was only compounded by the fact that my parents were both immigrants and I was a first generation American. I witnessed my parents work countless hours both inside and outside of the office as they worked to get ahead, help their teammates, and find their place in the American culture.

Looking back, I internalized these thoughts as well. This thought became my driving reality, “Work hard and people will accept you.” So, I did just that. I became a straight A student, always trying to be the one to help others. And it worked. My parents were so proud of me for “being smart”. I was positively acknowledged for “being good” and doing “what was expected of me”. Before long, I became addicted to the accolades of others. I yearned for them to acknowledge me for meeting their expectations. If they didn’t, I would feel like somehow, I failed or was not good enough. 


  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Wellness Coach
  • Certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach™
  • Certified Teen Life Coach
  • Licensed Body Positivity Facilitator
  • Certified Calling in the One Coach™
  • Certified Breathwork Coach
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Trained
  • Certified NewMoney™ Story coach
  • Board Certified - AADP
  • Certified Project Manager
  • Shame Informed-Based Coaching
  • Emerging Adults Based Coaching
  • Self Esteem &Adults-Based Self-Acceptance-Based Coaching


I became a wife. And then a mom. A mom, times five. I was a certified project manager and working while my husband went to law school. Upon graduating, he wanted to start his own practice so we moved from Connecticut to North Carolina. I wanted him to be happy and believed owning his own firm would provide him the autonomy he wanted.

I completely enjoyed helping him manage his practice and my identity transformed into wife, mom and manager of the firm. But something felt a bit off. My identity was defined by the roles in which I was serving. My “happy” was defined externally and by how happy those around me were. I felt this need to learn how to self-validate instead of looking externally. And the gift of being a mother, allows an opportunity to be humbled in an instant and awakened in a moment.

When I recognized people pleasing behaviors and tendencies in my children I got a “wake up call”. When I heard my daughter self-deprecate because she thought she was not good enough or was unable to make her family proud. Or when I saw that my son thought it was his responsibility to take care of his friends and try to solve their problems to the point of stressing himself out. I realized my actions, the way I show up, was affecting who they were becoming.

Raising two high-performing young adults - a professional ballerina and a division 1 athlete (in addition to three other kids) - and being a mom, was my catalyst. Realizing that I wanted to demonstrate internal leadership to my children was what I needed to do.

I needed to realign with my authentic self, accept myself, know that I was enough and that I was no longer responsible for serving others’ expectations or worrying about making them happy. Because just as I was responsible for my happiness, others were responsible for theirs.
I knew I needed to show up in a way that demonstrated that I did not need to fix things for others, but lead them through my own sense of confidence.

My wake-up call led to my journey of becoming a certified life coach to help others get unstuck as well. As I went through my life coaching certification program I dove deep into my own self work. I learned how to step outside of my thoughts for a moment, to become an observer rather than judge and jury. I learned how to honor my feelings and emotions without judgement. I was able to recognize and work on the inside, towards the out.

Through self-compassion and self-love coupled with a realignment of who I am and what my ideals and desires are, I began to evolve into my own self-leader. Today, I am CEO and Founder of Live Joy Your Way, and AuthenticMe®Life Coaching and the RiseUp Program because it is my mission to empower high-performing Adults and Young Adults who struggle with self-doubt, the need to please, the need to be perfect, the need to achieve, and who find themselves struggling with stress, overwhelm and seeing their own self-worth.

I am here to support you on your journey. We'll work together to heal your relationship with self, so you recognize your true value and stop outsourcing your self-worth.

Wherever your journey in life takes you…. Remember these things… You are amazing. You are a complete person. You are deserving of a life that you want for yourself. You manage your thoughts and decide where you want to go and what you want to do. Unapologetically.

If you are ready to take the first step, I’m here to help. Book a call so we can discuss how I can best support you. 

PS: don't let my name scare you off...its pronounced like the word harmony just with a "k" and without the "r"

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