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How Students Are Embracing a Culture of Support

students embracing a culture of support

Schools are the prime location for learning, but they can often be a high-pressure environment that places a lot of stress and expectations on students to perform well. A study published in the journal Psychological Bulletin found that students of the current generation face more expectations of perfection than previous generations. This pressure often leads […]


11 Signs of Narcissistic Abuse You Should Recognize

Signs of narcissistic abuse

Have you been trapped in toxic patterns in your relationship that cause you to feel frightened and insecure, to have a low sense of self-esteem, and to battle persistent feelings of guilt, shame, and helplessness? Does your partner lack understanding of your feelings and have an unhealthy obsession with getting people to like them? Do […]


How to Deal with Negative People (Without Feeling Burnt Out)

Negative People woman sad about negativity

How often do you dread catching up with an old friend over coffee, calling your sister-in-law, or spending the holidays with your mother because you always feel depleted afterward? Some people have an endless supply of negative energy that makes your relationship with them difficult, no matter how much you care for them. Learning how […]


7 Types of Inner Critic Voices You Must Learn to Silence

Inner Critic woman battling with inner thoughts

“Don’t do it. You’ll make a fool of yourself.” “You look ugly.”  “You’ll never be successful.” “You are a failure.”  “You’ll always be alone.” “You don’t deserve it.” Our inner voice is often our greatest obstacle to happiness and success. Though they may ooze confidence and joy on the surface, many high-achieving, successful people secretly […]


6 Simple Ways to Remember Your Goals and Stick with Them

goals woman working at her desk

We all set goals all the time. Whether it is a New Year’s resolution to exercise more or a decision to find a job you love, goals give our lives purpose and help us maintain control. However, maintaining focus and dedication to our goals can sometimes be challenging. Why Does Sticking to Goals Feel Impossible […]


What is a Vulnerable Narcissist? (6 Signs to Look Out For)

Vulnerable Narcissist confronting toxic behavior

In clinical practice, narcissism is a personality disorder. However, most people who exhibit narcissistic traits do not meet the clinical mental health criteria for narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). That means that narcissism can range from a few narcissistic traits to full-scale narcissistic personality disorder, which occurs along the spectrum. What is a Vulnerable Narcissist? Vulnerable […]


How to Break the Cycle of Shame & Move On With Your Life?

Cycle of Shame man thinking and sad

Shame is a toxic emotion that can mess up your health and general well-being, often leading to substance abuse, anxiety, depression, poor self-esteem and confidence, and other difficulties. But where does our shame come from? And how do you break the cycle of shame and move on with your life? What is Shame? Shame is […]


What Is Identity Shame and Where Does It Come From?

Identity Shame woman worries wringing her hands

Shame is a painful feeling that comes with harsh self-criticism, humiliation, and a deep-seated belief that one is bad at heart. Although shame and guilt typically overlap, there is a significant distinction between these feelings. Both shame and guilt arise when we violate our society’s and our own internal values. But unlike shame, guilt involves […]


5 Tips for Breaking Old Patterns of Behavior

Old Patterns man standing at the beach

Our daily lives are made up of a series of habits that we have picked up over the years. These repeated habits that we engage in daily can eventually stop serving us. Yet we stick to them, often without giving them much thought. What Are “Patterns of Behavior” and How Can We Identify Them? The […]


6 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Money

Relationship with Money woman counting money

According to experts, financial well-being is an integral part of our general well-being. That being said, only a healthy relationship with money contributes to good health and our sense of well-being. But what is a relationship with money? And how to improve it? If you keep reading, you should be able to determine whether your […]

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