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Cultivating Self Compassion - eBook

Cultivating a daily self-compassion practice has immense benefits mentally and physically. Those who are more compassionate are generally happier, more positive overall, and can manage or avoid stress, anxiety, and depression more easily.

Discover the true power of self-compassion, along with 8 proven techniques, best practices, and daily rituals to boost your self-compassion.

Cultivating Self Compassion

Resilient Women Who Rise and Make a Difference

In the midst of unforeseeable changes and hardships, the inspiring women in this book access their inner strength and persevere. In spite of unimaginable adversity, they find ways to unleash their power and triumphantly succeed.

In this book, I share my story titled "The Resilient Factor" that will challenge your way of thinking about self-care. 

Voices of the 21st Century is a celebration of resilience. Be encouraged by these stories and discover the secret that has been true all along: You are resilient, and you have the power to rise and make a difference.

Voices of the 21st Century: Resilient Women Who Rise and Make a Difference

Doing Your Best: Finding Productivity Through Self-Compassion 

Getting steered off course on the road to your goals can be a frustrating experience. We all have habits that take away from our ability to be productive, and trying to manage them can make us feel even more frustrated. How can we make sure we’re making progress toward our goals while also holding space for our own well-being?

According to certified life coach and author Kamini Wood, the answer lies in self-compassion. In Doing Your Best: Finding Productivity Through Self-Compassion, an audio course from Scribd Coach, Wood explains how self-compassion can hold the key to building more productive habits, and how you can start practicing self-compassion to be your most accomplished, creative self. In the course, she teaches listeners what self-compassion is (and what it isn’t), the neuroscience of change, and self-compassion practices that boost motivation and productivity. She also shares exercise to help you practice what you’ve learned right away.

It’s time for a new, more compassionate look at productivity. Kamini Wood will light the way.

Doing Your Best Audiobook

Life's Gentle Reminders

Most people go through their daily routines and todos to get everything done. Cross off that ever-growing checklist and accomplish their goals. Sometimes we forget to stop an breath. OM: Life’s Gentle Reminders is a compilation of short inspirational stories that come from taking time to stop and pays attention to the daily reminders that are all around us. From the simple daily task of unloading a dishwasher to a weekend home improvement project, these short anecdote will inspire you and remind you to just stop and smell the roses.

Voices of the 21st Century

Stories from 50 bold, brave and brilliant women authors who make a difference… in Voices Of The 21st Century book.

My contribution to the Voices of the 21st Century is called Step Out of the Shadow and Into Your Light.

This story is about the journey and evolution from codependency on external validation and worry about pleasing others to step into and learning how to be a resilient self-leader.

Like the other amazing women in this book, the goal was to share a story and journey that can hopefully help others and also shine a light on each person’s inner strength and power.

Dare to Be Brave, Dare to Be You - eBook

In this eBook we will be discussing all about wellness and how to get a good life coach. Wellness is generally used to mean a state beyond absence of illness but rather aims to optimize well‐being. The term wellness was partly inspired by the preamble to the World Health Organization’s 1948 constitution which said: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well‐being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” It was initially brought to use in the US by Hilbert L. Dunn, which he defined as “an integrated method of functioning, which is oriented toward maximizing the potential of which the individual is capable.” The term "wellness" was then adopted by John Travis who opened a "Wellness Resource Centre" in Mill Valley, California in the mid‐1970s, which was seen by mainstream culture as part of the hedonistic culture of Northern California at that time and typical of the Me generation.