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Teaching others to heal the relationship with Self

About Kamini

My mission is to empower high-performing adults and teens to become resilient self-leaders by reducing stress and anxiety, overcoming imposter syndrome, working through trauma, and re-discovering their AuthenticMe®.

Through my holistic approach, I help people to quiet their inner critic, overcome self-judgement, own their story, set boundaries, and be unapologetically themselves.

I support others in:

✔️ Becoming a resilient self-leader

✔️ Overcoming stress, anxiety, and feelings of overwhelm

✔️ Navigating toxic work environments

✔️ Boosting self-confidence & overcoming feelings of self-doubt

✔️ Creating a positive mindset shift 

✔️ Breaking free from a toxic or unhealthy relationship

✔️ Creating an actionable plan to reach their career goals

What You Will Learn

What story you have been living into and how to develop one you want to

How to calibrate your intuition

How to recognize triggers

The importance of boundaries

How to communicate your needs and desires

To identify your values, needs and wants and how that plays into the story you write for yourself

The importance of vulnerability

How to move form expectation hostage to resilient self-leader

How to implement self-compassion

The importance of self-care

Podcast Features

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Public Speaking

Kamini Wood is a revolutionary in the field of personal empowerment who has delivered talks and workshops  to individuals and groups at both companies, networking events and schools.

When Kamini hits the stage you will see why she is on the path to becoming one of the leading coaches of our time.

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