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Deeper Dive into Avoidant and Insecure Attachment Styles

Avoidant attachment sad kid outside

Family relationships and early childhood experiences can considerably affect a person’s character, attitudes, emotions, behavior, and mental health. Unhealthy family interactions and attachment styles can influence one’s personality, causing profound distress in a person’s adult relationships and well-being.  Insecure attachment styles typically stem from some sort of early trauma. A child who grows up with […]


How to Recognize A Narcissistic Parent | 13 Common Signs

Parent narcissist manipulative mother

Positive parenting is key to a child’s healthy development. Positive parenting means that your parents could develop a strong, deeply committed relationship with you and your siblings and respond to your needs. A narcissistic parent on the other hand, will be unable to establish a healthy bond with their children. A warm relationship between a […]


What Are The Five Love Languages?

five love languages affection in relationships

The term “five love languages” was introduced in 1995 by marriage counselor Gary Chapman. Dr. Chapman uses this term in his book The 5 Love Languages to explain how couples meet one another’s needs for affection and connection. Working as a couples counselor for years, Dr. Chapman recognized a pattern in most couples’ complaints that […]


What is Emotional Eating | How to Stop Negative Habits

emotional eating woman sad in house

All of us sometimes turn to food for comfort when we feel stressed and overwhelmed. How many times have you used food to make yourself feel better emotionally? Emotional eating doesn’t involve physical hunger but reaching for food in response to negative emotions. Sometimes, when something upsetting happens to us, we turn to food for […]


How To Identify The Five Types of Narcissists

Narcissist man angry and shouting

Most people use the term narcissist to describe individuals with self-centered behavior and exaggerated picture of their own worth. While the inflated belief of superiority and grandiose ideas of self-worth are the distinctive characteristics of a narcissist, narcissism actually occurs along the spectrum ranging from a few narcissistic traits to the full-blown narcissistic personality disorder.  […]


4 Ways to Overcome Emotional Burnout

Emotional burnout woman stressed at work

Emotional burnout occurs when you are exposed to accumulated and ongoing stress that causes you to feel emotionally exhausted and worn out.  Emotional fatigue or emotional burnout happens when stress from everyday life (whether personal or work-related stress) becomes overwhelming, causing a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion. Symptoms of anxiety and depression often […]


8 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship | How to Set Boundaries

toxic relationships couple fighting

Healthy, stable relationships have the power to bring lots of joy, improve your resilience, boost mood, and even extend life. Positive relationships help us feel safe, valued and accepted. Research shows that people with strong social bonds are more likely to live longer. On the other hand, toxic relationships can be a massive burden in […]


The Issue of Competitive Parenting

Competitive Pareting father talking with child

We live in a highly competitive world, continually comparing our careers, relationships, houses, etc. with those around us (whether in the real world or social media). More lately, parents, particularly moms worldwide, are engaging in what is known as competitive parenting.  What is Competitive Parenting Simply put, the term competitive parenting describes our tendency to […]


Why Emotions Are So Important | Improving Mental Health

Emotions happy and healthy faces

Emotions play an essential role in our everyday behavior and overall wellbeing. Emotions are an integral part of our lives that we use to communicate our subtlest feelings. They influence our perceptions, relationships, behavior, and the choices we make at any given moment. Emotions help us understand other people but also allow others to understand […]


The Connection between Thoughts and Emotions

Thoughs and Feelings woman happy outside in nature

Thoughts involve our ideas, beliefs, and opinions about ourselves and the world around us. Thoughts form based on our genetics and life experiences, and they are mostly under our conscious control, which means that we can choose to control and change them. Emotions represent the flow of experience of feelings caused by something external (an […]

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