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How To Relieve Stress | 5 Tricks to Reduce Stress

Reduce stress woman spending time in nature

It is important to do what we can to relieve stress for our mental health and well being. While small amounts of stress can actually be beneficial in motivating us to pursue our goals and improving our performance, ongoing or excessive stress can weaken our healthy coping mechanisms and seriously damage our health, emotional wellbeing, […]


Am I In A Toxic Friendship? 8 Ways to Tell

Toxic Friendship man sitting on a bench stressed out

Toxic friendships can negatively impact your mood and affect your health. If you feel that your friendship harms your well-being, you may want to reconsider the relationship with your friend. Whether you decide not to turn to that person for emotional support anymore or you choose to end the friendship altogether, removing yourself from the […]


Isolation Vs. Social Distancing | The Important Differences

Social Distancing mask and disinfectant

The outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected nearly all parts of the world. The most affected countries, regions, and cities have undergone severe lifestyle changes including social distancing and isolation. Basic rights such as freedom of movement and mobility rights are put on hold while the coronavirus outbreak lasts. No one is protected from COVID-19. […]


7 Ways to Spot Body Image Issues in Teens

Body image issues mother and daughter working out

Body image issues can affect all of us, but insecurities often start in young adolescence. It is important to do what we can to help our teens have a secure view of themselves and their bodies. A healthy body image means being comfortable and satisfied with your body. As we all know, puberty and adolescence […]


How To Be More Confident

how to be more confident man smiling

Sometimes it can be difficult to be confident. In order to understand how to be more confident, we first need to understand what confidence is. Healthy, strong self-confidence means feeling good about yourself and your ability to reach your goals. In other words, confidence represents your readiness to believe in yourself.  Having a balanced sense […]


“I Am a Burden” (False Identity Series: IV)

I Am a Burden man isolated early morning

Have you ever thought to yourself “I Am a Burden”? Many People who live with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or other health conditions often feel that their illness is a burden to their family members, partner, or friends. If you suffer from any of these conditions, you’ve probably felt guilty and worried about causing your […]

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