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How to Heal from a Toxic Relationship: 10 Steps

Toxic Relationship couple breaking up and walking away

A toxic relationship is a damaging relationship characterized by insecurity, control, and abuse.  Whether it is a romantic one, within a family, or a toxic friendship, a toxic relationship typically pulls you in a cycle of abuse where you doubt yourself, always feel guilty, and desperately seek reconciliation. These relationships can diminish your self-esteem and […]


How to Forgive Yourself and Start Healing

Forgiveness man looking at himself in the mirror

Being a human means that you are flawed and imperfect. You fail to achieve your goals or live up to your internal standards. You make mistakes and hurt yourself and others. Understanding that as human beings, we are bound to be imperfect will help you accept your flaws as a part of your unique life […]


How To Forgive | The Challenges of Forgiveness

Couple Hugging / Forgiveness

Learning how to forgive is an important process associated with good mental health and well-being. The importance of forgiveness lies in the benefits we experience when we choose to forgive. If you deliberately choose to forgive the person who treated you unjustly, you are choosing not to hold the feeling of resentment. Research shows that […]