A Conscious Connected Experience

Learn to reconnect with Self through this life-changing transformative experience! 

What Is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a wonderful practice to deepen your connection, relax the body and nervous system, calm the mind, and release any tension or negativity.

You may have practiced breathing techniques in Yoga or meditation at one time or another, but a stand-alone breathwork practice is an entirely different experience.

Our breath connects us to our mind and body. When we’re feeling stressed, overworked, and disconnected from ourselves, focusing on our breath allows us to get out of our thoughts to concentrate on the “now”.

This deep rhythmic breathing increases the flow of oxygen within the body, which allows for an immediate sense of clarity, awareness, and full-body rejuvenation.

If you’re seeking relief, you’ve found it! You’ll experience a different release in every class, leaving you feeling lighter, deeply relaxed, and in a complete state of bliss.

Join me virtually for a group classprivate sessions, or apply for a corporate program or event.

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Benefits Of Breathwork

The benefits of breathwork are extensive and can be highly cathartic. Whether you’re working through trauma, the stress and overwhelm of day-to-day life, or deepening your mindfulness practice, here are some of the possible benefits of a consistent breathwork practice:

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Reduces and relieves stress, anxiety, depression, and feelings of overwhelm

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Boosts self-love, compassion, self-esteem, & confidence

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Reconnect with the “now” to deepen your mindfulness and gratitude practice

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Supports the respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems to boost whole-body wellness.

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Relaxes the nervous system for deeper & restorative sleep

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Increased energy levels and full-body rejuvenation

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Process and work through trauma

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Calms the mind providing clarity, attention, and focus

What Do You Need?

   A computer, tablet, or smartphone with a camera
   The downloaded Zoom application with an account
  A quiet place where you will not be interrupted
  Get comfy! Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down and be sure to have a blanket, yoga mat, pillow, or cushion on hand

What Others Are Saying About This Class

Jessica W.

Occupation: Lawyer
Country: United States
Age: 51

"I just had the most moving breathwork experience with Kamini in the CDI. It was such a powerful experience."

My heart has been opened and the murky sludge has been removed. I just had the most moving breathwork experience with Kamini in the CDI. It was such a powerful experience. The simple act of breathing in a particular way which somehow produces a full-body experience that releases trapped and forgotten emotion and energy. Wow! Then in the meditation, my heart literally opened to feel gratitude and love on another level. So beautiful. The body holds so much and I am so grateful to have found a way to begin to let go.

Group Breathwork Class

Join me virtually every Friday for a 60-minute group breathwork meditation. Each class can be broken down into a 10-minute introduction and discussion, followed by 40 minutes of breathwork, and 10 minutes to close.

Investment: $20/per class
Only 10 spots available per class

group or corporate breathwork classes with kamini wood
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Private Breathwork Sessions

Gain deeper clarity and awareness with a personalized 1:1 class schedule. Each 75-minute class can be broken down into a 20-minute introduction and discussion, followed by 50 minutes of breathwork, and 5 minutes to close.

Investment: $247/per class

Corporate Breathwork Programs

Create a healthy & positive company culture for your business – CEOs, executives, managers, and employees – by integrating breathwork into your wellness offerings or providing an event or wellness retreat.

Offering private 1:1 or group classes customized to fit your business needs. Apply now and I’ll reach out to you directly to discuss more of the details.

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“I help people remember how powerfully resilient they are” ~ Kamini