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Self-Love Coach

The best relationship you'll ever have is with yourself. It's time to break free from negative habits that no longer serve you. Create a self-loving journey filled with joy and happiness today

 AuthenticMe® Self-Love Coaching Program

It's only natural to be a bit hard on ourselves sometimes. A little tough love can motivate and empower us to reach our wildest dreams. But when you start to give in and believe the negative chatter; instead, it can have a detrimental effect. It's time to take back control of your destiny and put a stop to your inner bully now. 

Ask yourself, are you building your life as YOU want it? Do you want to...

  • feel happy and fulfilled in every aspect of your life, including yourself? 
  • love yourself unconditionally, seeking validation internally rather than externally? 
  • feel whole and fulfilled in your relationships (personal or romantic)?  
  • feel confident, inspired, and worthy of your actions?
  • commit to an actionable plan in order to create the future you want and deserve? 

Through my Self-Love Coaching program, we can work together to turn that "I am unlovable" script into "I am lovable". I will provide you the tools and resources you need to stop worrying about the past and the future to love yourself unconditionally and without judgment.

Are you feeling stuck after a breakup? Consider my RiseUp online course to start you on a positive healing journey.

Self-Care is the best care...

Constant worrying can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety, which can take a severe toll eventually leading to emotional burnout. YOU have the power to control your thoughts and actions. YOU can decide what standards to set for yourself and how you want to live. By working with an experienced self-love coach, you can make amends with your past, let go of the negative chatter, and recognize that you are lovable and worthy of a happy and joyous filled life. When we take the time to look inward and focus on bettering ourselves first, other parts of our lives begin falling into place - a dream career, finding the "one", loving our bodies, and living our truths. 

As humans, we have the gift of intuition and inner spirit. If a decision weighs heavily on you and gives you a deeply unsettled feeling as opposed to a simple "case of the nerves", it’s important to listen to that. Your intuition could be trying to tell you something important, but your gut feelings can be easy to ignore or lose track of in the daily noise. Trusting yourself and knowing your self-worth is crucial to loving yourself. Fortunately, when you hire a self-love coach, you don’t have to wrestle with the stress of indecision on your own. Everyone needs a bit of guidance from time to time. A self-love coach can help you to face challenges by putting your best foot forward.


“Kamini has been an instrumental piece of my puzzle on the road to healing and self-discovery. She holds a heart gentle enough and a spirit open enough to really see you as you are and to hold a space for you as she helps to guide you back to your most authentic self. In her presence, I was able to be open up and be honest with myself, and unlock doors within that I had kept locked away for far too long. I highly recommend sessions with Kamini!” 

How can a self-love coach improve my relationships? 

Despite our need for human connection, when it comes to relationships they often fail to meet our expectations. For many of us, our early experiences can set the stage for these unrealized expectations. Many children focused on making their parents happy often grow up to be people-pleasers who don’t know how to set boundaries. And if you grew up with critical or neglectful parents you may feel unworthy of love. 

All of this can make adult relationships more difficult. For example, a false belief in being unlovable can make a person more likely to tolerate mistreatment from a toxic or narcissistic partner. Or the childhood habit of making other people happy can cause one-sided adult relationships that result in exhaustion, resentment, and a lack of confidence. 

If you’re working through a rough patch or separation, it’s only natural that you should feel extremely hurt and discouraged. But you don’t have to feel this way forever. With a compassionate and supportive self-love coach, you can transform heartache into healing and an opportunity for growth. At the same time, you can increase the chances that your next romantic relationship will be successful.

If you need guidance through the process of leaving an unhealthy relationship, or if you need to break old behavior patterns, I will use my experience and training as a conscious uncoupling™ coach, as trained by Katherine Woodward Thomas, to help you avoid painful arguments and drama. Using the principles of conscious uncoupling, I will encourage you to make mindful choices regarding how you interact with your partner. This will facilitate calmer, more respectful interactions, making things easier on you and—if applicable—other family members.

Through a collaborative, holistic approach, I can help you feel whole again by healing and awakening every part of your mind, body, and soul. In time, you may see that your relationship problems didn’t break you apart—they broke you open, creating space for new possibilities.

Are you ready to make a positive impact towards becoming the best individual you can be? Let’s chat to find out if a Self-Love Coach is right for you! 


“If you are looking for a (self-love) coach, Kamini is it! Kamini helped me with the process of Conscious Uncoupling. She's very experienced, insightful, patient, a great listener, everything you need in a coach, and then some. Even though our sessions were via ZOOM, Kamini made me feel very comfortable, connected, and present during our sessions. It was very easy for me to open up and explore my feelings as I dug deep into my heart and soul. Kamini is a fantastic coach and I'd recommend her in a heartbeat!”  

Why should I invest in a Self-Love Coach? 

Investing in a self-love coach provides you an opportunity to fully express yourself and make necessary changes to shift negative thoughts and behavior patterns. I won't ever tell you what to do, but I will encourage you to look inward and ask yourself what you need and what you want.

To facilitate this self-loving journey, I will ask intuitive questions that provoke deeper thought and encourage you to look inward. Meeting you where you are, I will listen compassionately and without judgment. While I can offer tools and strategies you may find useful, I will focus more on getting you in touch with your own needs. If you’re unsure whether to proceed with a current relationship—or you’re having doubts about a previous decision—this can provide clarity and confidence. When you see the truth of what you need and gain the courage to pursue it, you can break free from the painful patterns of your past. In so doing, you create space for a healthier and more fulfilling future.

“I had a bad experience with coaching before, and working with Kamini just made me realize how much this can actually work.” - K.B. 

My approach is holistic and differs from traditional therapy. Whereas therapy analyzes a client’s past as a tool to identify present behavior, a holistic self-love coach focuses on the present to create an actionable plan to unleash the resilient self-leader that you were born to be. 

Even if you’re feeling discouraged, self-love coaching can empower you to recognize opportunities for positive change and growth. This is not a quick fix, but a life-long journey of healing that requires consistent practice. For this program to work, you must be ready to commit to making a change to love yourself unconditionally.

Create A Better Future For Yourself

You may not be able to see it now, but it is possible to create a better life for yourself through daily self-love and self-care practices. There is a new, happier life for you on the other side of this negative talk. If you’re interested in my self-love coaching services, please schedule a free empowering conversation with me for more information.

Frequently asked questions...

Isn't this just a phase? Won’t the pain go away on its own?

If we don’t break through old patterns, it will be hard not to repeat them. For example, if you tend to blame yourself for problems, you may return to feelings of defeat, shame, and unworthiness again and again. As your self-love coach, I can help you move past blame, shame, resentment, and other emotions that may be holding you back. Thus, creating positive and healthy habits that will always stick with you. 

Can I afford to hire a self-love coach?

Can you afford not to? When you're constantly down on yourself you can often feel like it's the end of the world. Instead of letting painful emotions such as rage, hatred, and fear bury you in despair, wouldn’t you rather learn to harness this energy and use it to drive positive change? There is no investment more important than the one you make in yourself and your ability to be happy.

How will a self-love coach help me?

If you’ve done everything you can to improve your situation but to no avail, hiring an unbiased self-love coach may be the logical next step. For many people, coaching is an important source of non-judgmental support, guidance, and fresh perspective. There is an excellent chance that self-love coaching will allow you to rediscover your self-worth, but you’ll never know until you try. You may feel like you're in a million pieces right now. It’s up to you whether you allow yourself to continue to fall apart or use this opportunity to build yourself up into a stronger and happier person.

Confidential Client

“You are amazing. Wow. You just uncovered a layer I didn’t know was there. How many more are there?”