"I'm passionate about helping people discover their inner gifts and live a more full life!"

- Kamini Wood

I'm sure by now you're wondering...what price can you put on a life-changing transformation?

Define Happiness on your terms...

My coaching has a holistic approach that will allow you to heal that relationship with yourself. After working together you will see how valuable you are, you will believe you are in fact enough and KNOW it to your core. Why? So you can stop outsourcing your self-worth. You can stop bad relationship patterns. So you CAN get out there and live the life YOU want, the life you were meant to live and define success and happiness on YOUR terms.

I have no desire to crush you down, just to build you up.

You are not and never have been broken.

You do not need to be fixed.

You are already more than enough.

The intention behind my coaching practice is to deliver a space to really unveil what is working behind the scenes and to step into what is really true for you, as well as move from a reactive place to a generative one. Through cultivating this sacred space and honoring who you are, with my personal mission always at play, I utilize all of my training, personal experience and knowledge to help you achieve personal transformation. The value of what is delivered here has no true monetary value, as the tools and insights you have will equip you to harness your own potential to create a life you want and with which you are happy.

I struggled with the decision to spend money on myself or my personal growth throughout various aspects of my life.

Honestly, I used to undercharge and overwork. Investing in myself was very uncomfortable for me, it was a lot easier to spend it on others, especially my children. 

But, in every single instance, one thing always held true: when I chose the potential of change and growth and harnessed trust in myself and in this process, and did what felt good, I was rewarded far beyond what I thought was possible. Today, I uphold this value and have my clients invest in themselves.

When it comes to investing in yourself, please do one thing: drop into your body, into your heart space and let it decide for you. Don’t allow the fearful monkey mind to make such an important decision. The part of you that makes the decision to invest in your potential is the same part of you that will do all the work to make the life you want, the life you live. Any part that’s scared is simply conditioning we will work to shed through this process.

If this is you and you are ready for a powerful transformation that will exponentially allow for growth in all areas of your life, schedule your free empowering conversation now www.chatwithkamini.com

Transformation packages range in investment from $695-$1500 per month for adult packages and teens range from $299-$599 per month. 

Visit the FAQs page or message Kamini directly at kamini@kaminiwood.com today to discuss payment options and to find out more.


Option 1:

  • 4 times per month (30 minutes)
  • Unlimited Texting
  • Exercises / Lifework

Option 2:

  • 4 times per month (55 minutes)
  • Unlimited Texting
  • Exercises / Lifework


To be used within 4 months:

  • 8 sessions to be used over the course of 4 months
  • 2 times per month (55 minutes)
  • Unlimited Texting
  • Exercises / Lifework

Working with me 1:1 through open sessions there is a mix of coaching, mentoring, consulting and collaboration. We can work on a specific life domain whether it be in boundary setting, relationships, negative self-talk-creating habits or anything else that is currently holding you back from living the life that you want.

This package will have you challenging yourself through facing questions and challenging false beliefs. We will work on the change you want to see and help create ways for you to love into the life you want


6 or 12 month options:

  • 3 times per month (55 minutes)
  • Unlimited Texting
  • Voice messaging via the Voxer app
  • Exercises / Lifework
  • Meditations
  • Access to Breathwork classes as offered (12 month clients)
  • App access (for 12 month clients)

You have worked tirelessly to have the career and or the family that everyone dreams of – and the truth is everyone thinks you have it all together. Yet you feel tired, frustrated, lonely, like an imposter, anxious, a sense that something is still missing, or even a sense of shame.

I get it- I people pleased, working harder when I thought someone was not happy with something, continued to prove my worth or worthiness of all that I was accomplishing, all the while feeling like maybe I didn’t.

Understanding false or limiting beliefs opens an awareness that allows you to take action, create connections, set boundaries, understand anxiety, and release shame and imposter syndrome.

Work 1:1 with me for 6 or 12 months and take my years of training and personal experience and put it all to work for your own personal growth.

Release the old metrics of success. Stop living out chapters written by others and write your own story.

In Depth

6 or 12 month options:

  • 3 sessions per month (85 minutes)
  • Unlimited Texting
  • Voice messaging via the Voxer app
  • Meditations
  • Access to Breathwork classes as offered
  • Exercises / Lifework
  • Full Access to my app/meditation library for term

The package is for those individuals who want to go deep and to really move several life domains forward. It is designed for those who are truly committed to the work and who are truly invested in seeing long term shifts in their lives.

Each 85 minute session will include 30 minutes of breathwork to help ground and in addition to the 55 minutes of 1:1 coaching.

“I help people remember how powerfully resilient they are” ~ Kamini