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 AuthenticMe® Life Coach Program

What is a Life Coach?

Whether you’re just beginning to define your future path, or you’re reevaluating the path you took, you may essentially be wondering, “Who am I, and what truly makes me happy?” 

There are many ways, and many reasons, you may begin experiencing this form of an identity crisis. Alternatively, you may have just lost yourself somewhere along the way or you may be facing a significant life transition, and feel scared that you’re going to make the wrong decision. The fact is, there is no wrong way to feel. The fact that you're here confirms that you're ready and willing to make a change. This is a valiant first step in acknowledging that you may need support and that's ok. 

Would you like support in: 

  • Overcoming stress, anxiety, and feelings of overwhelm?
  • Being able to adapt and overcome obstacles?
  • Finding and embracing true self-acceptance?  
  • Becoming a resilient self-leader?
  • Making important life decisions more easily? 
  • Creating a mindset shift for a more positive future? 
  • Developing an actionable plan to reach your dream goals?

As a life coach, I'm here to support you in accomplishing your life goals and dreams. Together, we will create an actionable plan that will get you where you want to be so you can remain focused and calm every step of the way.

Benefits of Life Coaching

It's completely normal to struggle with the uncertainty of major life decisions and changes. You may lie awake at night thinking, “If I could just know what will happen next, I will be able to handle this.” These thoughts can then bring on crippling feelings of guilt, shame, and intense overwhelm. However, through a life coaching program, you can start to build confidence to face these unexpected thoughts and feelings so you can feel happier and more at peace with your decision, whatever it may be. 

During our coaching sessions, you can openly (and safely) talk about your fears, your goals, your dreams, and desires. I won’t try to sway you in one direction or another. I'll simply listen without judgment and provide an unbiased opinion. I won't ever try to change you. But I will help to hold you accountable for reaching your goals and embracing self-acceptance.  

Do you suffer from intense feelings of stress, guilt, shame, and overwhelm? Consider this online course that will teach you six different methods and techniques to effectively handle stress.


If you want to understand why you feel stuck in a situation/life and make a change for the better (my situation), Kamini is the go-to person. I was struck by her ability to understand my situation and its nuances correctly. She asked me “Why” when I least expected it and provided valuable insights that helped me a lot. Don’t think twice, pick up the phone and call her!

A Holistic Life Coach Can Provide The Clarity You Need

My coaching programs are holistic and differ from traditional therapy. Whereas therapy analyzes a client’s past as a tool to identify present behavior, a holistic life coach focuses on the present to create an actionable plan to unleash the resilient self-leader that you were born to be. You may not feel like it, but you are already complete, and you already have the tools you need. We just need to unleash you. We’ll do this through positive coaching that considers emotions, mindset, behavior, and spirit. 


In our society, many of us are socially programmed to put on a brave face and suppress our emotions. As your life coach, I will provide a safe space to work with you so you can release whatever emotions you may be burying. Once those feelings are expressed, you’ll be less burdened and have more clarity to identify the tools you have at your disposal. 


Our work surrounding your mindset will examine how past events, learned behaviors, and personal experiences have become imprinted in your brain, and the process you have to go through to establish a new pattern of thinking. We’ll delve into: 

  • what negative thoughts pop up routinely,
  • what your self-talk is like,
  • and how to turn the volume down on the constant chatter you’re subjected to in your head. 

Together we will figure out where your story came from, what this has done to determine your current mindset, and figure what you want your future story to be. Together, we will work to get you there.


Once we harness the mindset, we can address your behavior. We’ll assess where you are with self-care. We will focus on: 

  • where your current behavior patterns have led you with regards to relationships, finances, work, balance in life, and more. 
  • learning what your triggers are, and finding ways to break the patterns you wish to break. 

One preferred method is the S.T.O.P. technique: Stop, Take a breath, Observe, Proceed. So for example, a dancer may walk into an audition full of self-doubt. The S.T.O.P. method would teach her to remind herself that she has a great turnout. Not that she’s the best dancer in the world, but that she has a great turnout. You choose something you know to be true, something your brain will believe, and you focus on that positive observation. These tactics will change how you react to your triggers and alter your behavior patterns. 


Respecting your spirit is something I’ll remind you of as your certified life coach. It’s easy to dismiss, but your intuition is as reliable a tool as any other you have. We’ll consider it in focused ways. For instance, when you’re on a first date, instead of over-analyzing what you have in common, you can learn to listen to your gut. Is your body feeling relaxed? Are you being yourself? Together we’ll help you honor your spirit and access what your intuition is telling you about your life.

We’ll discuss your goals as well as examine your motivations behind those goals, ensuring that everything we work toward is for your internal fulfillment, not external validation. Our work together will empower you to be your “authentic me.” Being unapologetically yourself in this way allows you to interact with people more fully and wholly, and enables you to genuinely enjoy all of the life moments that you were simply getting through before. This overarching method is a result of my extensive training as a life coach and leaves ample room to individually tailor sessions to each client.

Are you ready to unleash your AuthenticMe® so you can start living your life as you want it? Let’s chat to find out if Life Coaching is right for you!


“Working with Kamini has been an incredible journey! Within minutes of talking to her you will feel at ease and like you are talking to an old friend. She is empathetic, wise and genuinely cares. I immediately felt comfortable to be open and honest with no judgments. Kamini will challenge you to continue to reach your fullest potential. While growth can be uncomfortable it has been SO much easier having her in my corner. I cannot recommend her enough!” 

Frequently Asked Questions...

I’m not sure I should spend my money on a life coach.

It’s quite common for many people to be reluctant to invest in themselves; however, you deserve to, and it’s wise to do so. Additionally, we can focus our sessions on empowering you financially, so if money is a factor, that is work we can do together. 

I don’t think I need a life coach—I’ll handle it on my own and I’m sure this will pass. 

You’ve been using the tools that are currently at your disposal, and they don’t seem to be cutting it. That isn’t likely to change without a little guidance. You may need a different approach to see any positive results. I’d encourage you to begin the work now. Your future self will thank you.

I’ll need to ask my significant other first. 

Communicating with your partner is great, but remember that no one can tell you what you need. We’ll build up your internal compass and internal self-worth, which is work that’s ultimately up to you.

You Can Become Your Authentic, Successful Self

If you’re interested in finding fulfillment through whole wellness and life coaching, please schedule your free empowering conversation with me for more information.

“You know, I think everybody longs to be loved, and longs to know that he or she is lovable. And, consequently, the greatest thing that we can do is to help somebody know that they’re loved and capable of loving.” — Fred Rogers


“I reached out to Kamini for help with a feeling of being "stuck" - life was good, work was good, family was good, but I had this lingering feeling that I couldn't shake that there was more to life - that I was missing something. At first I was hesitant to spend the money on myself but when all the coffee with friends and self help books didn't put me any closer to feeling unstuck I reached out to Kamini. I wish I had done it is a small investment for a lifetime of value. If you're considering working with a coach, do it. You need it and you're worth it.”