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What is Shame & Where Does It Come From?

adult struggling with shame

Shame is one of the most challenging emotions to deal with. Although a negative emotion, shame also plays an important role in our behavior, beliefs, and morals since it pushes us to follow social norms, laws, and cultural standards. But when internalized and chronic shame becomes toxic, affecting your self-esteem, well-being, and relationships. What Do […]


How to Avoid Distractions in the Workplace (& Home Office)

woman struggling with workplace distractions

Do you ever find yourself distracted when working, whether at home or at the office? You most likely do because workplace distractions always happen to fellow workers. Research shows that nearly 70% of workers feel distracted, while 16% report being almost always distracted. Distractions in the workplace interfere with our productivity, causing distress. Distractions in […]


How to Stop Worrying About Every Little Thing (8 Tips)

woman who is overly stressed

Nobody should expect to be worry-free. In our daily lives, worry and stress are inescapable. It is natural to feel nervous or have a restless night here and there, worrying whether you (or your loved ones) will pass the test, travel safely, or perform well on a key presentation. Nonstop or excessive worrying, on the […]


What is Inner Child Work & Why Is It Beneficial?

what is an inner child

Therapists, counselors, and life coaches use the phrase “inner child work” a lot these days. But what is inner child work, exactly? And who can benefit from it? Let’s dig in. What is Inner Child Work? Every one of us, no matter how old, has an inner child within us. This child is sometimes happy […]


What is Decision Fatigue & How Can I Overcome It?

mom suffering from decision fatigue

Do you know what “decision fatigue” is? Have you heard of it before? Every day, we have to make a number of choices. Making decisions is a necessary aspect of our lives, from choosing what to wear to work to deciding whether to change careers or relocate. But having to make countless decisions can take […]


How Students Are Embracing a Culture of Support

students embracing a culture of support

Schools are the prime location for learning, but they can often be a high-pressure environment that places a lot of stress and expectations on students to perform well. A study published in the journal Psychological Bulletin found that students of the current generation face more expectations of perfection than previous generations. This pressure often leads […]


11 Signs of Narcissistic Abuse You Should Recognize

Signs of narcissistic abuse

Have you been trapped in toxic patterns in your relationship that cause you to feel frightened and insecure, to have a low sense of self-esteem, and to battle persistent feelings of guilt, shame, and helplessness? Does your partner lack understanding of your feelings and have an unhealthy obsession with getting people to like them? Do […]

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