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How Long Does It Take to Break a Habit? 5 Tips and Tricks

Break a Habit good eating

Habits involve behaviors that are repeated so frequently that they become automatic. Our daily life is made up of habits we developed at some point. Many of our routines, such as going for a run each morning, brushing our teeth before bed, or spending time in nature every weekend, are helpful and healthy. However, many […]


How Empathy and Leadership in the Workplace are Connected (And Why It Matters)

Empathy leadership woman being caring

Empathy is the ability to comprehend and respond to the feelings of others, both emotionally and rationally. It is often used interchangeably with “compassion” and “sympathy.” Although these are very similar concepts, there is a distinction between empathy and sympathy. While being empathetic implies identifying, acknowledging, and feeling another person’s feelings without judgment, sympathy or […]


8 Tips to Deal with a Narcissistic Family Member

Narcissistic Family Member couple fighting

When a narcissist is your partner, a friend, or a coworker, you can remove yourself from that relationship. But what happens when that person is your parent or sibling? How to deal with a narcissistic family member? What Is Narcissistic Personality Disorder? Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is one of the personality disorders characterized by an […]


How to Overcome Anxious Attachment Style Recognize Your Triggers

Attachment Style woman anxious sitting

Attachment style refers to our patterns of connection with important people in our lives. These attachment patterns come from how we were cared for as children and affect how we relate to and interact with other people. According to John Bowlby’s attachment theory, early interactions with parents and caregivers are critical to a child’s development. […]


5 Signs Someone Might Be a Spiritual Narcissist

Spiritual Narcissist man praying

It is never simple to deal with a narcissist. These people are often deceptive and dominating, putting their own wants and needs first. They lack empathy and have an overinflated sense of their value. So, regardless of its type, a relationship with a narcissist may sap your energy, undermine your self-esteem, and harm your mental […]


Primary vs. Secondary Emotions: Why Knowing the Difference Matters

Secondary Emotions woman sitting on the beach

Emotions play an essential role in our health, behavior, social interactions, and life in general. They help us understand our experiences and how those experiences make us feel. Also, emotions help us communicate ourselves to others and grasp how our actions affect other people. Working out the difference between primary and secondary emotions allows us […]


How to Lead with Your Heart Instead of Your Hurt

Lead with Your Heart being kind to one another

Most of us grew up learning how to bottle up our issues and behave as if everything was OK, even when things were far from perfect. We learn to conceal our sadness and shame with wrath because being angry feels better than being sad or humiliated. However, a lack of self-awareness and emotional control can […]


6 Weird Things Covert Narcissists Do (and How to Respond)

Covert Narcissists having disagreement

The term “narcissism” generally refers to somebody who is highly self-absorbed. However, to be diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), a person must satisfy specific criteria. People with narcissistic personality disorder have an inflated sense of superiority over others. They are self-centered and manipulative, with grandiose beliefs about their own importance and self-worth. These […]

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