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Emotional Intelligence…Why Does it Matter?

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There is growing scientific evidence indicating that Emotional Intelligence, also known as EQ or EI is more important than IQ for your happiness and success. Simply said, emotional intelligence is about understanding and managing emotions. EQ also means your ability to identify other people’s emotions and respond to them appropriately. 

Studies show that emotional intelligence is more important in achieving personal, professional, and social success than your IQ; EQ can boost your self-esteem, enhance your relationships, and fast-track your professional success.

Emotional intelligence includes five main components:

  • Emotional awareness
  • Self-management
  • Empathy
  • Motivation
  • Social skills
  • Emotional Awareness

High emotional awareness means the ability to recognize and understand your emotions. Emotional awareness also enables you to identify, understand, and respond to other people’s emotions.


This component of EQ is about emotional regulation. Good self-management means that you can successfully manage your emotions and influence other people’s feelings too. It also includes your ability to efficiently resolve conflicts and build healthy relationships.


Empathy involves the ability to recognize and understand other people’s emotions and use that understanding to enhance your communication skills. Empathy is crucial for healthy relationships as it helps us understand the needs, viewpoints, and feelings of others.


This aspect of emotional intelligence reflects the ability to connect your emotions and use them to motivate yourself to work towards achieving your goals.

Social Skills

Social skills include your competence to successfully communicate with other people. Good EQ skills mean that you can understand other people’s verbal and nonverbal communication and gestures and use that knowledge to advance your communication skills.

Why Emotional Intelligence Matters?

EQ experts believe that your emotional intelligence is a strong predictor of your job success, quality of your relationships and life satisfaction in general.

A better understanding of your emotions and emotional control can help you manage them more successfully. Also, empathy helps you understand other people’s feelings, needs, and motives, which is the road to fulfilling relationships.

Research shows that highly developed abilities of self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and social competence are vital in relating to others in the workplace. Therefore, emotional intelligence may be crucial for your career and professional success. 

A study by the US Department of Labor shows that EQ plays an important role in the hiring process. When selecting candidates, employers are usually looking for personal qualities such as high self-control, flexibility, and excellent relationship management skills.

How to Enhance Your EQ?

Here are some things that you can do to improve your EQ.

Acknowledge your feelings. Pay attention to your feelings, be aware of your unconscious emotions and accept all emotions as equally important. Also, be conscious of the signals your body sends you. For example, symptoms like aches and pains, increased heart rate, sweating, and dizziness may be signs of stress and anxiety.

Practice Mindfulness Meditation. Research shows that mindfulness can help you stay focused at the present moment, relax, and pay attention to your feelings.

Listen to your intuition. Your intuition can increase your self-awareness and empathy. Moreover, listening to your gut can help you better understand yours and other people’s motives and emotions.

Studies show that emotional intelligence is a quality that can significantly improve our lives. High EQ can boost your self-esteem, improve emotional control and empathy, help you become more confident, build strong relationships, and reach your goals.

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