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  • Anxiety pdf ebook from kamini wood

    Anxiety (eBook)


    In today’s world, where threats are often abstract and chronic rather than immediate and physical, our anxiety responses can sometimes misfire. The fight-or-flight instinct designed to protect us from predators can be triggered by a looming work deadline or the thought of a social gathering. This dissonance between our ancient biology and modern lifestyles is a key factor in understanding the rise of anxiety in the 21st century.

    Whether you’re someone who has personally grappled with anxiety, a friend or family member seeking to understand and support a loved one, or simply curious about the inner workings of the human mind, this book is designed to be a source of insight, empathy, and practical guidance.

    Together, let’s navigate the complexities of Anxiety and how to effectively manage it.

  • Boundaries ebook pdf downloadable file

    Boundaries (eBook)


    Boundaries are not barriers to be feared but tools to be embraced. They are the key to your mental and emotional freedom, the architects of fulfilling relationships, and the guardians of your inner peace.

    Healthy boundaries are a fundamental aspect of human life, shaping our experiences, relationships, and overall well-being. Without them, we risk becoming overwhelmed, losing sight of our needs, and compromising our self-esteem. In essence, healthy boundaries are the compass that guides us toward personal growth, balanced living, and harmonious relationships, ultimately enriching our journey through life.

    Are you ready to unveil the power of boundaries?

  • Breaking free surviving narcissistic relationships ebook

    Breaking Free – Surviving Narcissism (eBook)


    Narcissistic relationships are often shrouded in confusion, pain, and emotional turmoil. They encompass a range of behaviors and dynamics that can leave individuals feeling powerless and trapped.

    Understanding why narcissistic relationships are uniquely challenging is crucial because it validates the experiences of those who have endured them. In this ebook, we will delve deeper into the signs of narcissism, strategies for recovery, and ultimately, the path to healing and freedom.

  • Conscious parenting ebook cover 3d view

    Conscious Parenting (eBook)


    Parenthood is a remarkable journey, an adventure filled with challenges, joys, and a multitude of unexpected twists and turns. It’s a journey that often lacks a roadmap, yet holds the promise of deep, meaningful connections with our children. Let this book be your guide to navigating this incredible journey with intention and mindfulness.

    It is my intention to help you gain a deeper understanding of your parenting patterns, providing you with the tools to nurture your child’s emotional intelligence, resilience, and independence. I aim to help you develop effective communication skills and maintain healthy relationships within your family and with your partner.

    The goal is to empower you to break free from unwanted patterns, replace them with positive alternatives, and achieve a balanced, harmonious family life. This book isn’t about perfection; it’s about becoming the best version of yourself as a parent and creating a fulfilling, loving, and resilient parent-child relationship.

    Join me on this journey to become a conscious parent and experience the profound difference it can make in your life and the lives of your children.

  • Cultivating Self Compassion

    Cultivating Self Compassion (eBook)


    Cultivating a daily self-compassion practice has immense benefits mentally and physically. Those who are more compassionate are generally happier, more positive overall, and can manage or avoid stress, anxiety, and depression more easily.

    Discover the true power of self-compassion, along with 8 proven techniques, best practices, and daily rituals to boost your self-compassion.

  • Dare to be Brave, Dare to be You (eBook)


    In this eBook, we will be discussing wellness and how to get a good life coach. Wellness is generally used to mean a state beyond the absence of illness but rather aims to optimize well‐being. The term wellness was partly inspired by the preamble to the World Health Organization’s 1948 constitution which said: “Health is…

  • Imposter Syndrome by pdf ebook by Kamini Wood

    Imposter Syndrome (eBook)


    Imposter syndrome is not a mere case of low self-esteem. It’s a formidable obstacle that can thwart personal and professional growth, leading individuals to settle for less than they deserve and discouraging them from pursuing their dreams.

    Whether you are currently battling imposter syndrome or seeking to understand and support someone who is, this ebook is your roadmap to conquering self-doubt and embracing your true potential with the guidance of a life coach. Together, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, leaving imposter syndrome behind.

  • Lifes Gentle Reminders - Ebook - Kamini Wood

    Life’s Gentle Reminders


    Most people go through their daily routines and todos to get everything done. Cross off that ever-growing checklist and accomplish their goals. Sometimes we forget to stop and breathe. OM: Life’s Gentle Reminders is a compilation of short inspirational stories that come from taking time to stop and pays attention to the daily reminders that…

  • Overcoming Eating Disorders And Body Dysmorphia ebook cover

    Overcoming Eating Disorders And Body Dysmorphia (eBook)


    The importance of addressing eating disorders and body dysmorphia cannot be overstated. These disorders affect millions of lives worldwide, casting their shadows on individuals of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. They not only impact physical health but also tear at the fabric of mental and emotional well-being.

    My goal is to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and insights necessary to navigate this challenging terrain. By understanding the intricacies of these disorders, the critical role of a Life Coach, and the various strategies for recovery, you will be empowered to embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery. Your life matters, and your journey towards a healthier, more balanced existence begins here.

  • Voices of the 21st Century: Resilient Women Who Rise and Make a Difference

    Resilient Women Who Rise and Make a Difference


    In the midst of unforeseeable changes and hardships, the inspiring women in this book access their inner strength and persevere. In spite of unimaginable adversity, they find ways to unleash their power and triumphantly succeed. In this book, I share my story titled “The Resilient Factor” that will challenge your way of thinking about self-care….

  • Voices of the 21st Century


    Stories from 50 bold, brave and brilliant women authors who make a difference… in Voices Of The 21st Century book. My contribution to the Voices of the 21st Century is called Step Out of the Shadow and Into Your Light. This story is about the journey and evolution from codependency on external validation and worries…