Calling In The One

Attract your true love with this 7-step process

Created by Katherine Woodward Thomas, Calling in the “One” is a 7-step holistic process that will defeat old destructive patterns for good. No more fearing that you’ll end up alone! Together, we can break down hidden barriers that are keeping you from attracting your true love.

As a Certified Calling in “The One” Coach, Kamini Wood can support you during this process. Kamini is based in Cary, North Carolina but works with individuals from all over the nation through virtual sessions.

Are you ready to radically transform your love life?

The Calling in the “One” 7-Step Process

Step 1: Opening to Love

Identify destructive patterns, break through any and all resignations you have about love, and set an intention to awaken your true love’s power.

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Step 2: Clearing Your Hidden Blocks & Barriers to Love

Start breaking down toxic relationship dynamics and hidden barriers to open your heart and free yourself from past hurts.

Step 3: Claiming Your True “Love Identity” to Create the Relationship You Want

Learn a step-by-step approach to evolve beyond self-sabotaging habits and limiting beliefs. Thus, awakening your worthiness of love and to be loved.

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Step 4: Become a Magnet to the Miracle of Love

Welcome love into your life by showing up as your true and authentic self. Visualize and embrace your desire to find true love and allow it to fill you up fully.

Step 5: Awakening to Self Love as the Source of Loving Another

Enhance your self-love routine to prepare for loving another! Build a deeper relationship with Self to further connect with your thoughts, feelings, and desires – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

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Step 6: Activating Your Future of Love Fulfilled

Start taking action! Begin making small changes to break old habits and transform your dreams into reality.

Step 7: Receiving Love Into Your Life

Become unstoppable and irresistible in your desire for true love. Continue to show up as your truest self and use any obstacle, disappointment, or delay as an opportunity!

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