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Eliminate Negative Thoughts, Self-Judgement, and Doubt to own your “Life Story” and be unapologetically YOU...

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What if....

you could replace all negative thoughts with positive ones, had the strength to confidently say “No” to others, and the ability to find clarity to focus on your needs, goals, and dreams... without feeling guilty or anxious about it?

Here’s a Secret...You Can!


You're constantly overwhelmed with doubt and battling your worst enemy...YOU. 


No matter what you do or who you help, nothing’s ever good enough...


You’re trying to do everything for everyone without giving yourself time to decompress...


You feel like you’re “On” at all times because you believe you’re responsible for making others happy...


You’re in “Flight or Fight” mode all day long and you don’t know why...


You don’t want to be viewed as a failure or make anyone mad if you do something wrong...


Not knowing why, but you keep looking for approval others and it’s slowly eating away at your identity...

Here's the Truth:

Nothing will EVER change until you're ready for a Power Shift....

If you want to eliminate negative thinking and overcome self-doubt, so you can accomplish your biggest dreams and goals...then YOU need to make a BIG change. YOU HOLD THE POWER!

You're happy, content, and joyful with who you are and where you are headed!

You're confident in your own skin so you no longer have to apologize for who you are.

You're able to say NO (without the guilt) and doing the things YOU want to do!

No longer needing to please others or thinking you may have let someone else down.

You no longer listen to your “inner bully”. You know your self-worth so the negative thoughts that controlled your mind, have ZERO power over you.

Knowing what you control. You no longer feel responsible for other peoples happiness or their thoughts, just your own.

More solid and healthy relationships. You know that filling yourself up first allows you to show up in your relationships, and now they’re stronger and healthier for it.

WEll, Guess



Helping People Eliminate Negative Thoughts, Overcome Self-Judgement & Doubt, Own Their “Life Story”, And Be Unapologetically Themselves...

RiseUp Online Course

“RiseUp” is my step-by-step program that will teach you how to replace negative thinking by writing a new story for yourself, so you can show up in your life powerfully and confidently!

You can finally stop dealing with the emotionally draining stress and anxiety put onto you by others, and begin to silence your inner critic so you can step into your true power.  

Inside, you’ll discover powerful strategies and exercises I share with my clients that will get you results faster than trying to do it on your own.

This is the same system I used to overcome “people pleasing perfectionism” without having to compromise who I really am.

and the best part...

I’m also going to show you how to practice self-compassion so you can experience what it's like to finally accept your uniqueness.

One thing you need to know is... you can’t find these strategies anywhere online except in RiseUp.



Your challenges have been amazing. I'm almost through them but I have learned so much about myself and I'm extremely grateful for everything I have learned from your materials. If I treat myself like I want to be treated I won't be disappointed when other people don't treat me like I want to be treated. I know now that I can walk away from anyone that treats me less and still feel whole because I'm taking care of myself.  I'm filling my own cup doing the things I had always hoped others did for me and they didn't. I couldn't be happier with that revelation. This is such a journey and I am just so humbled by this whole amazing experience. Thank you sincerely.


Kamini’s warm way of being makes it easy to open up and feel comfortable talking about personal areas of life and struggles I would normally keep hidden. She has a way of making me feel like I’m not alone, and that whatever I’m facing, no matter how difficult or sticky or confusing - is manageable. She has been a strong yet gentle guide as she helped me work my way through breaking things down to their simplest state, build myself back up, layer by layer with practical ideas and solutions, and navigate my way to my next best self.

David Krueger, MD

Kamini brings a unique ability and background to the Professional Coaching field. Her work in executive business and legal settings make her particularly suited to engage individuals in a broad range of situations and locations.


Life coaching and therapy are two different things. Kamini talked to me and helped me with issues that I was stressed about and struggling with.

l .K.

Kamini has a non judgemental way of showing up. She creates a safe space to be m. I am seen and heard. She has a way to see all sides and all angles of people and/or situations, empathizing with all perspectives on deep levels, and trying to maneuver according to the highest good for all involved.

Here’s what’s


6 Module RiseUp Online Course:

I’m going to walk you through every element of R.I.S.E.U.P. so you have a proven system to help you show up more positively, confidently, less of a push-over, and unapologetically yourself.

  1. 1
  2. 2
    Inner Work
  3. 3
    Self Awareness
  4. 4
  5. 5
  6. 6

The Tools & Resources:

*Bonus Course* Effectively Manage Stress & Overwhelm

This free virtual course will take you through six different methods and techniques to effectively reduce stress and build your resiliency. Each lesson includes an introductory video along with downloadable worksheets. You will create your own resiliency blueprint so you can finally feel like you have your stressors under control.

The Values, Wants, & Needs Map Exercise:

This is an exercise that will help you create a custom map that’s unique to you so you can identify what your core values are, your needs in life, and your wants to set goals and have a road map that calibrates your compass on your journey of self awareness.

The Wellness Wheel:

This will help you rate where you are in your life and discover which area needs the most attention and focus so you can move forward on your journey accurately and without going off the path specific to you.

The Spectrum Of Self Relationship:

This is a simple tool that will give you the ability to check in with yourself daily, using a “spectrum scale” to see how you're progressing and to identify the shifts needed for tomorrow to be even better than today.

The Communication Guide:

You’ll learn how to effectively communicate with others so you’re in a state of proactivity instead of reactivity. This will allow you to reduce miscommunication and the feeling of having to please others.

Eliminate Negative Thinking 

Recognize and Reset Negative Triggers

Practice Self-compassion 

Effectively Set Boundaries

Honor your Uniqueness


Helping People Eliminate Negative Thoughts, Overcome Self-Judgement & Doubt, Own Their “Life Story”, And Be Unapologetically Themselves...

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Who am I? And why should I care?

I’m Kamini!

I am a first generation American. I tried to fit in so that I didn’t stand out too much, and did that by working hard, getting good grades, people pleasing, putting others before myself, and always wanting to help solve other people’s problems.

I carried all this weight into adulthood. It was motherhood that made me see it. I realized that my kids were showing signs of the people pleasing perfectionist and writing a similar story to mine.

I saw a therapist and I also hired a coach to give me the tools I needed to find myself again.

I recognized that I didn’t have my own identity because I was so busy fixing other people’s issues or more importantly had told myself I was responsible for their happiness.

I began to utilize boundaries and paying attention to my own needs and wants.

And I will be completely transparent. As I started to shift my focus on ME, there were some who were uncomfortable because they were used to old Kamini. But I finally had a new sense of self and purpose. And also realized, those who truly love me, just need time to adjust. They will still love me, because I am still me, I am just a more confident me.

I felt realigned with my self worth and I was able to be more authentic with my relationships.

Now, I’m living my life that’s 100% authentic and true to who I really am. I no longer try and people please, I’m no longer a hostage to other people’s expectations, and I’m free of worrying about what others think of me...

After going through my own struggles and breakthroughs, I wanted to channel my experience and help others going through the same struggle because if they don’t break the pattern, it’ll be a lifelong internal battle they’ll have to endure and will be passed on for generations to come if not addressed and solved.

Who is this program  for?

Anyone wanting to overcome negative thinking patterns to achieve their dreams.

People wanting to let go of the weight of the world they carry around to reduce stress and anxiety.

People wanting to be self confident and sure of who they are.

Anyone who wants to know they can bounce back with any of life’s twists, turns or bumps.

Who is this program  not for?

It’s not for: someone who is looking for a magic “pill”

It’s not for: people who are not committed to themselves

It’s not for: individuals who do not see that investing in themselves can exponentially affect all areas of their lives

It’s not for: those who are not ready to see their lives exponentially grow and change for the better.


Helping People Eliminate Negative Thoughts, Overcome Self-Judgement & Doubt, Own Their “Life Story”, And Be Unapologetically Themselves...


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