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To grow a community of women and connect them with one another as a source of continued inspiration and personal growth. At Women Speakers Association, we want our community to be able to express themselves authentically as they build a thriving, prosperous business. When you join the Women Speakers Association you have access to both your local community and the global community, with members in 120 countries; you are joining something much greater than yourself. As your Global Business Connector, I am dedicated to bringing you the tools, resources and training for growing your business, and transforming your mindset. The Women Speakers Association community is here to support you!

Through community participation and by leveraging all of the available tools, resources and trainings, you will learn to inspire others and transform the world with your business.

Why Connect and

Collaborate in Community?

This small group gathering allows us to truly connect, collaborate and mastermind with one another on a personal level, and is geared towards providing high achievers with a safe place to go and voice their issues or concerns. The goal is to have every member leaving the event with solutions and/or new confidence to speak their voice and get their newfound message out. Through collaboration and connection, we build community. 


Community is important as it allows us to feel like we are a part of something much greater than just ourselves. As business owners, it also helps to remind us about the service we provide vs where the money is going to come from. Through community, we achieve our goals faster, while also developing a sense of security in both ourselves and the world. 


To attend a Connect & Collaborate event you must first go through a screening process with our founder Kamini Wood.

About WSA Raleigh-Durham Area founder Kamini Wood


I am bringing Women Speakers Association to Raleigh-Durham as a way to be more active in my local community and support my fellow women in business. Women Speakers Association was a big help to me in my business growth journey. 

> I published a book through them.

> I made connections through them. 

> I built a business utilizing many of the teachings I learned from the community. 

As a life coach, I help women and teens to connect with their intuition and release the habit of overthinking, which often leads to stress, anxiety and overwhelm. I do this through a series of one on one coaching calls and providing tools for cultivating mindset change and producing self-leaders. 

I like to encourage my clients to build a community with whom they can continue to grow and cultivate their newfound self-leadership skills. Women Speakers Association was developed for the purpose of personal and business growth of its members. I want to bring more of this to my own community because global change starts at home. 

Please read below for all the benefits that come with joining Women Speakers Association in [Raleigh-Durham area]

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What happens at a Connect & Collaborate event?

I facilitate several events (virtual or in person) per month to celebrate what we have to offer the world. Our community is made up of high achievers looking for community and collaboration opportunities.

At the event you'll have...

The opportunity to discuss current issues you are running into with your life and business.

The ability to support your fellow women as they grow and evolve in their own lives and business.

Connection to like-minded women who are driven to change the world.

Time to practice using your voice and getting your message out.

At the event you'll...

Find the resources you need to succeed and grow.

 Provide referrals of others in your network that you highly respect.

Conduct market research regarding your clients’ and customers’ values and goals.

Gain the emotional support that comes from a professional office setting.

Benefits of Joining Women

Speakers Association

Beyond the local community, there is an entire global community you can connect with via the Women Speakers Association network. Located in 120 countries this association is the only one of its kind. 

If you choose to join here are some of the amazing benefits you will receive as part of the local and global community.


Gain 1 to 1 access with thriving business owners, influencers, coaches. Plus, a first look at the latest training courses, mastermind events, and proven business performance systems. Get connected with a global community and receive special discounts for specialized programs and services.


Hands-on guidance and accountability to achieve business results. While every member of the WSA can access the monthly Speaker Success Training a 90 min training hosted only by experts who have demonstrated prominent success. Premier members of WSA will also be able to access the Roundtable a mastermind where you can brainstorm your way through the strategies learned from the Speaker Success Training. 


Connect with a network of Facebook forums, get your social media accounts reviewed and receive help in developing a strategy for your online networking. Take part in local community meetings, pop-up groups, and pop-up training sessions. 


Go global with your message. Everyone is either writing a book or wants to write a book. However, marketing your book and getting your message out there through a book on your own can be difficult. 

Women Speakers Association publishes a bestselling book called Voices of the 21st Century. This experience allows you to submit a chapter, receive extensive training in marketing and book promotion, meet your co-authors from around the world, and become an International Best Selling author. 

We also offer the opportunity to produce your own independent book. A hybrid approach from self-publishing and traditional publishing.

 Plus, you get your own online bookstore where you can sell and promote your book


Leverage the global reach of Women Speakers Association to grow your visibility and attract more fans, followers and ‘friends’.

Two ways of doing this are through the WSA TV: Premier Women Show as well as through the utilization of the online bookstore and promotion.


You can connect with women in over 120 countries when you become a premier member and are granted access to the Private Facebook Group associated with WSA. Plus, when you join you are directly connected with women in your local community who are doing what you want to be doing. 


Get more speaking gigs, by having your profile listed on the WSA website considered to be the #1 database of professional speakers in the world. The database is also connected with 64 other partner directories placing you in front of even more people searching for speakers like you. 

The benefits associated with this group can seem overwhelming which is why when you sign up for a Premier membership you are provided a Quick Start Checklist in order to stay focused and organized. 


When you join WSA you will be given access to the member portal which contains a training library, member support desk, as well as 3 special bonuses:


Speaker Success Plan, utilize this free plan to organize your goals, determine what you need and what you have, and create a map for your year. 


Create Your Signature Talk: The best way to grow your audience and build your list is through public speaking, but before you can apply to speak you must know what you are going to speak about. Utilize this program to develop your signature talk. 


Mind Movies Software: Build your own video version of a vision board, to help inspire you wherever you are or watch the pre-made videos to get yourself inspired quickly. 


If you feel joining Women Speakers Association is the right choice for you, please connect with the Raleigh-Durham Global Business Connector Kamini Wood to learn more about getting plugged into the community. 

Through community participation and by leveraging all of the available tools, resources and trainings, you will learn to inspire others and transform the world with your business.