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Are You Stressed About Big Changes Happening In Your Life?

Have you been struggling to cope with major life changes, positive or negative? Are you struggling with having to make a big, important decision, but don’t know if it’s the right one?

Maybe you’re a new parent, thinking of leaving your current job for a new one. Or you may be moving from independent living to a retirement community or coping with a recent loss. Or perhaps you are recently divorced, or about to be divorced, and you have to transition from married to single. Or you are a child of divorced or divorcing parents. You may feel paralyzed or stuck by apprehensiveness or fear, not knowing what to expect. Perhaps your friends or family have tried to offer comfort and support, but worries cloud your ability to hear them, and this starting to strain your relationships.

You may lie awake at night thinking, “If I could just know what will happen, I will be able to handle this.” If only you had more confidence to face the unexpected, you would feel happier and more at peace with your decision, whatever it may be.

Do you need a sounding board to talk about your fears—someone who won’t try to sway you in one direction or another? Would you feel more confident if you had a coach to help you navigate through uncharted territory?

Life Changes Can Be Scary And Stressful For Many People

As humans, we are creatures of habit. Even those of us who don’t have Type A personalities still feel uprooted when our routines are unexpectedly changed or we are otherwise forced out of our comfort zones. The apprehensiveness and fear you are feeling are perfectly understandable. Self-preservation is natural and instinctual; we are rightly reluctant to enter into situations in which our emotional safety could be compromised.

In fact, to an extent, some apprehensiveness before making a major life change can be a good thing. It will keep you from jumping headfirst into something new without thoroughly thinking it through. With any big changes we make, it’s important to approach them rationally, examining the pros and cons.

At the same time, we have the gift of intuition and inner spirit. If a decision weighs heavily on you and gives you a deeply unsettled feeling as opposed to simply a case of the nerves, it’s important to listen to that. Your intuition could be trying to tell you something important, but your gut feelings can be easy to ignore or lose track of in the daily noise of your life.

While friends and family may mean well by offering advice, sometimes they can be too emotionally invested to help you make an objective decision. Fortunately, with the help of a life transitions coach, you don’t have to wrestle with the stress of indecision on your own. Everyone needs help and guidance from time to time, and transitions life coaching can help you face your new life by putting your best foot forward. 

Transitions Life Coaching Can Help You Confidently Face An Unknown Future

As a certified transitions coach, my approach with clients is holistic in nature. I intend to honor your behavior, your mindset, emotions, intuition, and inner spirit. I approach my work by offering a safe, confidential space, free of judgment and unhealthy attachment.

My approach to transition coaching and consulting involves an “inside out” method by working through your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors, rather than looking for external forces to fix or make your life decisions for you. While some outside influences can be helpful, many of them create unnecessary “noise” that makes it difficult to listen to and trust your intuition. I can help you make sure that whatever decision you make is centered on your own unique needs, not influenced by external validation.

Ultimately, my aim is to help you uncover your true authentic self, which will help you face life transitions and change. Once you uncover your confidence, you will transform into a self-leader who can blossom anywhere—at home, in the workplace, or wherever life takes you.

The way you look at a situation often affects its outcome. If approached negatively, it could very well turn out negative. But if the situation is approached with hope and balance, it can turn out better than you originally expected.

No matter what changes you are experiencing, holistic life coaching can help you find your way. My holistic coaching space is a “neutral zone.” In sessions, you can not only give yourself permission to feel whatever you need to feel, but you will have the space to freely explore your options and see what is possible.

I also wish to honor your past story—where you have been, and what you have experienced during that time. I can help you move toward authoring a new story when making hard decisions, and finding within you the ability to feel excited about the possibilities.

You May Have Some Concerns About Transitions Coaching…

Is transitions coaching expensive?

If you don’t invest in yourself—that which is at your core—you will continue to be held back. Somehow, we think we aren’t worth giving ourselves the time, space, and attention we deserve. Investing in personal growth will exponentially affect all areas of your life—your personal relationships, your work environment, and your ability to handle any struggles that come your way in the future.

I don’t need any help; I can cope with life changes on my own.

This is part of the old story we tell ourselves. Everyone needs a helping hand at some point and an objective outside voice to help examine a situation from angles you may not have noticed before. If coping on your own hasn’t worked thus far, what will change to make it better?

How do I know that life coaching will work?

Life coaching works once you decide that you are worth it. If you commit to it, it has no choice but to work. I encourage you to find out for yourself!

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“Life coaching and therapy are two different things. Kamini talked to me and helped me with issues that I was stressed about and struggling with. ”
— confidential client