The Difference Between Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

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Most people see self-esteem and self-confidence as identical features. However, these words describe two intertwined, but quite different characteristics. You may have high self-confidence but at the same time struggle with low self-esteem. For example, you can easily perform before the audience, which shows a high level of confidence. At the same time, though, you may feel anxious about your acting skills, which is a lack of self-esteem.

Self-confidence is about trusting in yourself and your abilities. On the other hand, self-esteem is about self-love and how you value yourself. Self-esteem comprises your personal feelings or opinions of yourself.

Ideally, we value ourselves (self-esteem) and have confidence in ourselves. Knowing the difference between these two concepts may help you understand which elements you should work on to improve your self-love and confidence.

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In general, people find it easier to improve their skills and competencies (self-confidence) than their self-esteem, often ending up with professional success, status, income, and social relationships but feeling empty, unsatisfied and unhappy.

Why Self-esteem is Important?

Self-esteem is a cognitive and emotional appraisal of our own worth and as such it is vital for both our health and psychological well-being. Our self-esteem influences our thoughts, feelings, and behavior towards ourselves, other people, and the world. A lot of it depends on how we value ourselves.

For instance, you won’t seek opportunities and reach your goals if you believe that you are not worthy enough for them.

People with healthy self-esteem tend to take good care of themselves and those around them. Moreover, people with strong self-esteem have a healthy resilience – they do not fear rejection and failure and don’t let the setbacks hold them back from reaching their goals.

People with a healthy level of self-esteem are tolerant and forgiving of themselves and others which makes them open to meaningful relationships and positive life experiences.

What are the Benefits of a Healthy Self-confidence?

You don’t necessarily need to think that you are the greatest speaker in the world to hold an important presentation at work. You just need to have the self-confidence to be able to prepare your presentation thoroughly and communicate your ideas before the audience in a clear and meaningful way.

Confidence means that you trust in yourself and your abilities to successfully complete your tasks. Self-confident people are ready to face challenges and grab opportunities. In turn, every new success boosts their confidence.

Having healthy self-confidence can help you progress both personally and professionally. When you feel self-confident, you are able to devote your energy to perform better and accomplish your goals.

On the other hand, being overconfident about your abilities may prevent you from moving forward or cause you to fall short. For example, being overly confident and assuming that you don’t need to study for your exam may cause you to be unprepared and fail. So, having balanced self-confidence can help you perform at your topmost.

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A healthy dose of self-love will improve your self-esteem. Furthermore, a balanced level of self-esteem will boost your confidence. Finally, strong self-esteem and confidence will improve your overall well-being and help you succeed in life.

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