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Supporting Your Moody Teen

Teen looking moody in house

Transformations that happen in adolescence can be hard on both teens and their parents. Adolescence is known as one of the most stressful periods of a person’s development and growth. Teens face many changes and challenges. They change physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally. While some teenagers go through these changes go smoothly, others experience a […]


5 Ways to Help Your Teen Build a Healthy Brain

Brain of a teenager

Although children’s brains reach about 90-95% of adult size by the time they are six, their brain development is far from over. A teenager’s brain still intensively transforms before it starts functioning as an adult brain. In other words, your teen’s brain is still under construction, which strongly influences their thinking, behavior, and emotional reactions. […]


Resolve Back to School Stress Students

Students dealing with stress in class

School stress is a serious issue that kids, teens, college students and their families have to deal with. According to the report of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), we have generations of college students nowadays that strive to perfectionism, showing increased signs of anxiety, depression, and stress. We know that stress is not exclusive […]