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What is a Conscious Pause and How it Can Help You?

Conscious Pause man stopping and breathing in

What is a Conscious Pause? A conscious pause means taking space between moments in your day-to-day life. Our lives are hectic, filled with personal and work demands and self-imposed things to accomplish that push our minds and bodies to move fast. This kind of lifestyle generates ongoing stress that can seriously affect your health and […]


Mindfulness Techniques Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Mindfulness can be described as your ability to be present and intensely aware of what you are sensing, thinking, and feeling in the moment, without interpreting or judging it. Practiced through meditation, mindfulness involves relaxing practices such as guided imagery, deep breathing, and other methods that can increase your mood, alleviate stress and anxiety symptoms, […]


Releasing Guilt

While disturbing for most people, guilt is a normal emotion. We usually feel guilty when we think or know that we did something wrong or failed to something. Guilt appears as a natural emotional response when we hurt another person. We feel uncomfortable, unpleasant, and upset, and these feelings usually motivate us to correct the […]


Mindfulness vs. Over-identification

Based on her research, psychologist Kristin Neff identified three core elements of self-compassion: Self-kindness vs. self-criticism Common humanity vs. isolation and Mindfulness vs. over-identification Believing that we can intentionally learn to be more self-compassionate and less self-critical, she has developed methods for strengthening each of these elements. And a skill that Kristin Neff sees as […]


Wandering Minds Can Be Okay

We can all relate to the experience of letting our mind wander in a situation when we are supposed to focus on something else. For example, you are at the late Friday-afternoon meeting at work and while your boss talks about goals and targets, you let your mind adrift and you start making plans for […]