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How To Forgive | The Challenges of Forgiveness

Couple Hugging / Forgiveness

Learning how to forgive is an important process associated with good mental health and well-being. The importance of forgiveness lies in the benefits we experience when we choose to forgive. If you deliberately choose to forgive the person who treated you unjustly, you are choosing not to hold the feeling of resentment. Research shows that […]


Guilt vs. Shame

We tend to confuse guilt and shame for the same emotion because they often go hand in hand. However, these emotions are different, as guilt is related to behavior and depends on our compassion for others while shame involves feelings about self. These two emotions typically come about intertwined – we naturally feel guilty because […]


The Importance of Forgiveness

An extensive body of research has proved that our minds and bodies are intertwined. Stress, anxiety, and depression can cause serious health issues, while a positive mindset can boost our energy and physical well-being. Similarly, resentment may harm both your mental and physical welfare. Explaining the link between our mind and body, one study indicates […]