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Coronavirus Anxiety

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is triggering increased stress and anxiety in many people around the world. In situations of uncertainty like this one, it is natural to be concerned and to experience anxiety. When we feel threatened, our brain activates the flight or fight response, whose main purpose is to protect us. So, being a […]


Acute vs Chronic Stress

When we perceive a threat (stress), our nervous system releases chemicals and hormones that prepare our body for the “flight-or-fight” response. While acute stress is not necessarily a bad thing, as it prepares us to respond to a specific situation, chronic stress doesn’t allow our body to recover after such response. And this can negatively […]


How to Reduce Anxiety

It is quite normal to have butterflies in your stomach before speaking in public or to feel awfully worried about the upcoming job interview. Still, these feelings are considerably different from anxiety. Unlike normal feelings of worry, uneasiness, and fear, anxiety disorder characterizes an excessive apprehension and a nonspecific discomfort that don’t have a real […]