Stresses in Relationships | How to Restore Intimacy and Trust

Stresses in Relationships | How to Restore Intimacy and Trust

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Stress stems from many sources and can have a very damaging effect on our emotions, thoughts, and behavior. Likewise, stress can take a toll on our relationships too, especially romantic relationships.

Here are five main sources of stress in relationships.

Stress From Infidelity

If one partner – or both have had an affair, then some relationship stress is inevitable. Finding out that your partner has been unfaithful, whether it was an emotional affair or sexual infidelity, can cause great distress.

While infidelity doesn’t necessarily have to end a relationship, moving forward can be a long and painful process. For a relationship to heal, both you and your partner must be committed to rebuilding trust, forgiving, reconnecting, and moving on. Seeking couples counseling is a safe environment to help restore peace, rebuild trust, and learn strategies to cope with stress in your relationship.

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A Lack of Commitment

You are in a relationship, but you somehow aren’t sure whether this relationship is the one you should commit to. In general, you and your partner get along well, but there is a part of you that it is not sure if the two of you are a good fit. You might be asking yourself whether you want the same things from life, doubt your willingness to give up your independence, or question whether you want to stay open for other options. Sometimes even, you may feel as though you are roommates, not lovers. These and similar thoughts may be stress-provoking and gradually destroy your relationship.

Communication Problems

Poor communication between partners usually leads to constant frustration, anger, and dissatisfaction, and as such can be a huge source of relationship stress.

Lack of communication is also considered one of the main reasons for divorce. Some couples, on the other hand, hang on to same unproductive communication patterns for years, feeling constantly stressed, hurt, and disconnected, but unable to find a way to manage stress in their relationship.

Financial Issues

Money is one of the most common stresses in relationships. Whether it is different spending habits or a lack of money, financial struggles distort harmony in a relationship.

Intimacy Problems

Both emotional and sexual intimacy is vital to a successful relationship. The absence of intimacy may leave both you and your partner frustrated, insecure, and unhappy and easily become a source of ongoing stress.

For a large number of couples, low libido is one of the most common things that cause stress in a relationship.

Also, the emotional distance that causes you to feel lonely in the relationship is a common reason for stress, that can destroy your relationship if you don’t address it.

To restore intimacy and closeness in the relationship, practice small acts of affection in day to day life, such as planning nights out together, spending more time together, doing things that both of you enjoy, exchanging small gifts, love notes, etc.

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Seek couples counseling to help address your intimacy issues and help restore closeness.

How to Manage Stress in a Relationship

The best strategy is to be open about stress in your relationship. Here are a few things you and your partner can do for each other:

  • Identify stress factors together
  • Listen
  • Be approachable and understanding
  • Offer comfort
  • Practice gratefulness together
  • Practice self-compassion
  • Create stress-reducing rituals

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and openly discuss your needs, worries, and doubts can help understand what causes stress and find the best strategies to manage it.

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