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Hi, I’m Kamini!

Growing up in a small Connecticut town as a first-generation American with immigrant parents, I navigated the complexities of identity and belonging. Feeling the pressure to blend in and seek external validation, I excelled academically and in helping others, driven by the belief that hard work equaled acceptance.

Becoming a wife and mother of five while pursuing a career as a certified project manager, I realized my identity was externally defined. Raising high-performing young adults, I recognized people-pleasing behaviors in my children and felt a deep calling to reclaim my authenticity and self-leadership.

Seeking to realign with my true self, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and self-validation. Becoming a certified life coach, I dove into my own self-work, learning to honor my feelings and emotions without judgment. Through self-compassion and self-love, I evolved into my own self-leader.

Today, as CEO and Founder of Live Joy Your Way and AuthenticMe®Life Coaching, I empower high-performing adults and young adults struggling with self-doubt and the need for external validation. My mission is to help others recognize their true value and stop outsourcing their self-worth.

Your journey to empowerment begins with healing your relationship with yourself. Let’s start your journey together.

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