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About Kamini

Hi, I’m Kamini Wood and I am passionate about working with people to heal their relationship with themselves. It is not about fixing the past. It is about standing in the present and generating the future YOU envision. When we heal the relationship with ourselves, we are in a place to have healthier ones with others and achieve the goals and visions we carry.

I believe all people are deserving of the life they actually want to lead! When you pivot your mindset and start to live your AuthenticMe®, your life and your relationships will exponentially grow and prosper!

Today I am living my purpose coaching, speaking and leading trainings as the CEO and Founder of Live Joy Your Way’s AuthenticMe®Life Coaching and the RiseUp Program. My mission is to support women, teens, and young kids as they reclaim their authentic self and realize they are enough!

Who I work with:

  • high achievers
  • people aware that a shift needs to happen
  • those willing to take self-responsibility
  • individuals ready to take action
  • those who are committed to do the work and invest in themselves

People who I don't work with:

  • those wanting me to fix them
  • people who aren't ready to do the work 
  • those unwilling to move beyond "yeah but..." 

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