Parent Coaching

Parent coaching can provide clarity and support to parents and their families so you can focus on loving and growing as an individual, parent, and friend.

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AuthenticMe® Parent Coaching

What is Parent Coaching?

As a parent, we can be yanked and pulled in so many different directions that we start to feel a bit lost or unsure of ourselves. Life begins to move so fast that we lose track of our own identity and what makes us happy. All of this can make you feel even more disconnected from yourself and, therefore, disconnected from your spouse or kids.

Are you:

  • Looking to bring love and joy back into your family life?
  • Struggling with a difficult decision or new challenge?
  • Feeling disconnected from your children and/or spouse?
  • About to become a new parent and feeling uncertain about what’s to come and how to handle it?

When you work with a Parent Coach, I’ll help remove the worry and doubt from your mind. I will support you in navigating the many challenges of being a parent while offering solutions to strengthen the relationship with your family and yourself.

Chad W.

Occupation: Physician
Country: United States
Age: 37

"I felt like I could talk with Kamini about anything and she would always have productive and practical advice."

I enjoyed working with Kamini so much! She really helped me better understand what was important to me and how to use my time in a way that reflects my priorities. In areas of my life where I was feeling stuck, Kamini guided me through solutions to keep me moving even if it was through small steps at first leading to much bigger steps. I felt like I could talk with Kamini about anything and she would always have productive and practical advice. She is very comfortable talking about big picture topics, as well as getting into the details of various parts of my life. She helped me to not worry about things that haven’t happened yet, be overly concerned with what other people think, be afraid of things that aren’t even real, or put any false limits on my potential growth. And what’s more, the experience was really fun! I highly recommend Kamini to anyone looking to benefit from having an expert life coach!

Why Choose Parenting Coaching?

Every stage of parenting has its joys and challenges. Do you wish you could stop rushing from one task to the next and instead, engage more fully with your family, and be present? Would you like to learn how to advocate for and take care of yourself while still caring for your loved ones? Hiring a Parent Coach has tremendous benefits to support parents, couples, and families in building a joyful and harmonious life.

Despite a slow trend toward more parenting transparency, it can still feel overwhelmingly taboo at any stage for parents to admit when they’re struggling. A common fear is that if you admit you’re having a hard time as a parent, people may infer that you’d rather not be one, or that you’re incapable somehow. This is not true and can be damaging to a parent’s self-esteem. You can love your children above all else and still be concerned by your loss of identity and your inability to be fully present or joyful. Most parents will feel this way at some point, and not being able to speak openly about it only exacerbates the stress.

Parents, in particular, are encouraged in our society to “do it all.” There is an expectation that you must be present for your partner, keep a nice home, raise successful and respectful children, never slip up at work, and keep yourself looking presentable. It’s an incredible amount of pressure, which society implicitly urges you not to talk about. Whether we’re biologically nurturers or socially expected to be, the result is the same: most parents put themselves on the back burner and forget to prioritize their needs.

It can be easy for parents to get swallowed by schedules, guilt, and daily duties. Rather than being truly present, parents can slip into a redundant routine of trying to keep up with all of their responsibilities. The less engaged a parent is with themselves, the less engaged they can be with their children, partner, job, or friends. Wouldn’t it feel amazing to be able to reunite with yourself and feel whole, so that you can be truly present in your own life and your role as a parent? You have the strength to do just that, and a parenting coach can help guide you there.

Are you ready to make a shift towards becoming the best individual AND parent you can be? Let’s chat to find out if Parent Coaching is right for you!

Lydia S.

Occupation: Nurse
Country: United States
Age: 41

"The impact you have made on me already will have ripple effects..."

The impact you have made on me already (and I am sure all your clients, family and so many others) will have ripple effects and goodness will spill over to so many other things to create something amazing, beyond imagination.

What can I expect during a Parent Coaching session?

For most parents, coaching makes more sense than therapy, as you may not be dealing with a diagnosable issue but rather the management of family pressures. You may feel overwhelmed like you’ve lost yourself a bit, and you’d just like to connect to your life and your family more fully. As a parenting coach, I have the experience and understanding to help parents take stock of their successes and pain points and learn from them.

We’ll consider your emotions, mindset, behavior, and spirit as we work toward a more fulfilled experience. Even overwhelmed parents often feel a duty to keep their emotions buttoned up. You may feel afraid or worried for your child to see your tears, or hurting their feelings during a moment of frustration. As your parenting coach, I’ll provide a safe space for you to fully express all of the emotions you’re dealing with.

We’ll then observe your mindset and thought patterns. Most parents have a lot of negative chatter and damaging self-talk, which can leave you mentally exhausted. If your child has a temper-tantrum at the grocery store, you may tell yourself that everyone is judging you harshly and that your bad parenting caused this to happen. These are harmful untruths we get used to telling ourselves as parents. Together, we can identify triggers that set off negative chatter and then work to reframe them in a more positive, accurate light.

Behavior patterns speak to the particular ways you go through your days. Do you move from one task to another, feeling guilty at the end of the day because you weren’t fully present? As we examine your parenting patterns, we’ll set goals and simplify the solutions. Whether you need help building organizational skills or finding the right exercises for becoming a more grounded parent, as your coach, I’ll help guide you there.

Our work around your spirit will be about bolstering your self-esteem through self-care and listening to your intuition. As you become more in tune with your intuition, you’ll not only feel more connected to yourself in ways you may have been missing, but you’ll feel more confident as a parent too. A parent’s intuition cannot be understated, and the more you’re able to connect to it, the less you’ll second-guess your parenting.

Reconnect With Yourself And Feel More Fulfilled As A Person And a Parent

If you’re interested in finding fulfillment as a parent and peace with your family, please schedule a free empowering conversation with me for more information.

Frequently asked questions...

It is normal for parents to feel reluctant in prioritizing themselves; you’re used to putting yourself last. But you must take time and space for yourself, as an individual and as a parent. The more fulfilled you feel on a personal level, the more engaged you’ll be as a parent, romantic partner, employee, and friend.

Our behavior patterns, if left unexamined, only become more reinforced and ingrained in our lives. The ones that aren’t serving you will only intensify and cause you to stress later on. Tuning up your strategies, self-talk, and coping mechanisms now can set you up for personal and parental success down the line.

A close partnership with your spouse is valuable, but forgoing something you’re interested in because they may not approve, should serve as an indicator that you’re prioritizing their comfort over your wellness. Let that acknowledgment be a motivator for investing in yourself.

Nicole H.

Occupation: Teacher
Country: United States
Age: 33

"...I became more curious with my feelings, my self awareness improved, and I became more patient and understanding with myself."

I cannot recommend Kamini enough. Kamini helped me understand myself on a level that I’ve never experienced before. In the time I worked with her, I became more curious with my feelings, my self awareness improved, and I became more patient and understanding with myself. The time and effort I put into “assignments” and discussions was eye opening. I’m so thankful for Kamini’s insight and guidance.

How can I help you discover your authentic self?