How to Find Things to Love About Yourself (and Other Ways to Engage in True Self-Love)

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Most of the time, we seek love from outside sources, such as our spouses, children, family members, or friends. Seeking love on the outside feels natural since that is how we found love and security as children — we relied on our caretakers for affection and safety.

However, most of us never grew out of it, and we continue to rely on others for approval, acceptance, and affection. Still, regardless of our natural need to connect with others, we must recognize that genuine love can only come from the inside.

Finding things to love about yourself can help you engage in true self-love. But what does loving yourself exactly involve?

What is Self-Love?

Self-love involves a feeling of appreciation for yourself. It means that you accept yourself completely, think about yourself positively, and treat yourself with the kindness and respect you normally offer a loved one. Self-love allows you to treat yourself with compassion, meet your own needs, and be self-forgiving.

Self-love is a foundation of confidence and well-being that allows us to set boundaries, meet our needs, and overcome self-criticism, people-pleasing, and toxic relationships. Only when you love yourself can you create healthy relationships, pursue your goals, and be truly happy about who you are.

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What Does Loving Yourself Mean?

Loving yourself means committing to personal growth and having an overall positive view of yourself. Although self-love revolves around how you treat yourself, it also involves your thoughts and feelings about yourself.

Loving yourself entails having positive thoughts and feelings about yourself. While it is impossible to think and feel positive about yourself constantly, self-love implies treating oneself with care, empathy, and forgiveness.

Moreover, self-love means saying positive things about yourself, setting boundaries, and not letting others take advantage of you or hurt you. It means being assertive and meeting your own needs.

Also, loving yourself is about asking for help when you need it and accepting responsibility for your thoughts and actions. It involves being grateful, recognizing your strengths, and making healthy choices most of the time. 

People who love themselves prioritize their mental and physical health; they practice daily self-care habits, spend time around positive people, challenge themselves, and pursue their goals.

Furthermore, loving yourself means having a healthy body image: feeling good in your own skin and accepting yourself as you are.

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It’s More Than What You Do; It’s How You Think

Self-love is more than just self-affirming acts; it also entails thinking positive thoughts about yourself. Loving yourself means breaking free from self-limiting beliefs or negative thoughts about yourself and your role in the world.

Self-limiting beliefs can make it hard to move forward. Also, these kinds of attitudes can have a negative effect on your health, well-being, and relationships with yourself and others.

But, how to find things to love about yourself? How to shower yourself with true self-love?

How to Find Things to Love About Yourself?

Reject the Concept of “Perfection”

It is in our human nature to always strive for more. Although it is healthy to challenge yourself, reject the concept of unhealthy perfectionism. Don’t compare yourself to unrealistic standards and set high and unattainable goals

When you’re too hard on yourself, you dread failure, see mistakes as significant setbacks, and harm your health and well-being. This is called “unhealthy perfectionism.”

Instead, challenge yourself by setting realistic goals and standards. Accept mistakes as learning opportunities and enjoy the task processes rather than just the result.

Stop Comparing Yourself

For most of us, comparing ourselves to others feels natural because we were taught to be competitive from the earliest days. However, comparing yourself to others doesn’t do any good. And it doesn’t make any sense because each of us is unique. 

So, rather than comparing yourself to others, focus on yourself, and compare yourself before and after, looking for ways to improve and grow.

Let Go of Others’ Expectations (and Be Fair with Your Own)

Try not to be overly concerned with what people think or expect of you. No matter what you do, you will never be able to please everyone. So, be yourself and don’t worry about it.

More Simple Ways to Engage in True Self-Love

Allow Yourself to Make Mistakes

Remind yourself that no one is perfect and that mistakes are an unavoidable aspect of our personal growth. So, instead of blaming yourself for making mistakes and bad decisions, acknowledge them and turn them into chances to learn.

Remember that every challenge is an opportunity to grow and change, and try not to be too harsh on yourself for your mistakes.

Open Up to The People You are Closest With

Vulnerability is one of the best ways to find things to love about yourself. Being honest and vulnerable with the people you care about most enables you to accept and appreciate yourself and be authentic with others.

Practice Daily Gratitude

Regular practice of gratitude might help you become more self-aware and empathetic. In addition, it will improve your attitude, resilience, and overall happiness if you list three things you are grateful for. 

So, starting today, begin keeping a gratitude journal and spending a few minutes each day writing down everything you’re thankful for – and watch as you uncover new and exciting things to appreciate about yourself.

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