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Do You Feel Stuck Or Lost In Your Life?

Are you a woman who is facing a quarter or mid-life crisis, and generally feeling unfulfilled?  Perhaps you went to school and majored in something you no longer feel connected to. Or if you’re more established in your career, maybe you are finding it difficult to reach the next level of professional success. Or it could be that you are having a hard time striking a balance between your work and home life. 

Are you someone who finds herself in a codependent state? Do you put everyone else’s needs and wants before your own? Do you depend on external validation or someone else’s approval?

Are you worried that you’ll never find the right romantic partner? Alternately, are you in a long-term relationship and feel as though you’re losing yourself completely in favor of caring for your partner or family? There are many ways, and many reasons, you may begin experiencing an identity crisis. 

You may be facing a significant life transition, and feel scared that you’re going to make the wrong decision. Did you finally attain the life goal you set for yourself, only to realize it isn’t what you had expected, and maybe it isn’t what you want anymore? Do you feel mentally and emotionally depleted from trying to seem like you have it all together? 

Whether you’re just beginning to define your future path, or you’re reevaluating the path you took, you may essentially be wondering, “Who am I, and what truly makes me happy?”

Are You Feeling Stressed About Big Changes In Your Life?

Have you been struggling to cope with major life changes, positive or negative? Are you struggling with having to make a big, important decision, but don’t know if it’s the right one?

Maybe you’re a new parent, thinking of leaving your current job for a new one. Or you may be moving from independent living to a retirement community or coping with a recent loss. Or perhaps you are recently divorced, or about to be divorced, and you have to transition from married to single. Or you are a child of divorced or divorcing parents. You may feel paralyzed or stuck by apprehensiveness or fear, not knowing what to expect. Perhaps your friends or family have tried to offer comfort and support, but worries cloud your ability to hear them, and this starting to strain your relationships.

You may lie awake at night thinking, “If I could just know what will happen, I will be able to handle this.” If only you had more confidence to face the unexpected, you would feel happier and more at peace with your decision, whatever it may be.

Do you need a sounding board to talk about your fears—someone who won’t try to sway you in one direction or another? Would you feel more confident if you had a coach to help you navigate through uncharted territory?

Many Women Lose Themselves Through Self-Sacrifice

Women in general feel pressured or expected to people-please on the way to success. It challenges societal norms when we simply speak our mind, and we face this on a daily basis. Whether it’s the sports we watch (men play 5 sets in tennis, women play 3) or the movies we loved growing up (a mermaid literally signs her voice away to be with a prince), we’re inundated with latent messages that teach us we’re not in a position to rock the boat. These messages imprint on us, and from a young age, we begin to internalize a self-sacrificial outlook. We dampen our personalities, our desires, and our tenacity so as not to make others uncomfortable. 

It’s no surprise then, that most women will eventually begin questioning their choices and their capabilities. Women often have an idea of where they want to go but are so afraid of making others upset with their decisions, or stepping outside of the roles they think they should be playing, that they feel paralyzed. 

Another common sentiment among women is the reluctance to invest in themselves. Mothers tend to be an excellent example of this, as they care for their children and potentially their partner, balance a demanding job, feel pressured to keep house, and maintain a positive external presentation. We very often and very easily, lose ourselves when this is the case. 

Feeling stuck or overwhelmed is devastating, but it doesn’t have to last a minute longer. With the help of a transformational coach, you can rediscover yourself, and your complete capability to achieve your goals. 

A Holistic Life Coach Can Provide The Clarity You Need

As a life coach for women, my approach is holistic. Where therapy’s slant involves “what’s wrong and how do we fix it,” holistic coaching considers you already capable. You may not feel like it, but you are already complete, and you already have the tools you need. We just need to unleash you. We’ll do this through positive coaching that considers emotionsmindsetbehavior, and spirit

Women are often labeled the “emotional” gender, but the truth is, we are socially programmed to put on a brave face and suppress our emotions. I will provide a safe space and work with you to release whatever emotions you may be burying. Once those feelings are expressed, you’ll be less burdened and have more clarity to identify the tools you have at your disposal. 

Our work surrounding your mindset will examine how past events, learned behaviors, and personal experiences have become imprinted in your brain, and the process you have to go through to establish a new pattern of thinking. We’ll delve into what negative thoughts pop up routinely, what your self-talk is like, and how to turn the volume down on the constant chatter you’re subjected to in your head. Together we will figure out where your story came from, what this has done to determine your current mindset and figure what you want your future story to be. And together we will work to get you there.

Once we harness the mindset, we can change behavior. We’ll assess where you are with self-care. We will take the time to see where your current behavior patterns have led you with regards to relationships, finances, work, balance in life and more. We learn what your triggers are, and find ways to break the patterns you wish to break. One preferred method is the S.T.O.P. technique: Stop, Take a breath, Observe, Proceed. So for example, a dancer may walk into an audition full of self-doubt. The S.T.O.P. method would teach her to remind herself that she has a great turnout. Not that she’s the best dancer in the world, but that she has a great turnout. You choose something you know to be true, something your brain will believe, and you focus on that positive observation. These tactics will change how you react to your triggers and alter your behavior patterns. 

Respecting your spirit is something I’ll remind you of as your life balance coach. It’s easy to dismiss, but your intuition is as reliable a tool as any other you have. We’ll take it into consideration in focused ways. For instance, when you’re on a first date, instead of over-analyzing what you have in common, you can learn to listen to your gut. Is your body feeling relaxed? Are you being yourself? Together we’ll help you honor your spirit and access what your intuition is telling you about your life.

This over-arching method is a result of my extensive training as a women’s life coach and leaves ample room to individually tailor sessions to each client. We’ll discuss your goals as well as examine your motivations behind those goals, ensuring that everything we work toward is for your internal fulfillment, not external validation.

A Motivational Life Coach for Women

As your motivational coach I’ll help you to unlearn some of the programming you’ve been fed as a woman, so that you can rediscover who you truly are. As you gain clarity and dust off your personal tools, we’ll discuss your goals, and reach them via small, achievable steps. Our work together will empower you to be your “authentic me.” Being un-apologetically yourself in this way allows you to interact with people more fully and wholly, and enables you to genuinely enjoy all of the life moments that you were simply getting through before. 

You May Be Looking For A Life Coach, But Still Feel Hesitant…

I’m not sure I should spend my money on coaching.

It’s common for women, in particular, to be reluctant to invest in themselves; however, you deserve to, and it’s wise to do so. Additionally, I coach women to empower themselves financially, so if money is a factor, that is work we can do together. 

I don’t think I really need a life coachI’ll handle it on my own and I’m sure this will pass. 

You’ve been using the tools that are currently at your disposal, and they don’t seem to be cutting it. That isn’t likely to change without a little guidance. You may need a different approach to see any positive results. I’d encourage you to begin the work now. Your future self will thank you.

I’ll need to ask my significant other first. 

Communicating with your partner is great, but remember that no one can tell you what you need. We’ll build up your internal compass and internal self worth, which is work that’s ultimately up to you. 

You Can Become Your Authentic, Successful Self

If you’re interested in finding fulfillment through women’s wellness and motivational coaching, please click here to schedule up a free 30-minute breakthrough session.

“You know, I think everybody longs to be loved, and longs to know that he or she is lovable. And, consequently, the greatest thing that we can do is to help somebody know that they’re loved and capable of loving.”
— Fred Rogers