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Finding the self-leader inside allows for exponential growth outside.

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AuthenticMe® Leadership Coaching Program

It can take years or even decades to discover where you belong in the workplace. For many of us, this can mean bouncing around from one meaningless job to another simply because it’s not a good fit, it doesn’t make us happy, or it’s not challenging enough.

Are you looking to:

  • Overcome imposter syndrome?
  • Be taken seriously in the workplace?
  • Find the confidence to speak up for yourself at work?
  • Navigate toxic work environments?
  • Feel inspired, satisfied, fulfilled in your career?
  • Be assertive in asking for what you want?
  • Decide which career path you should be on?

We all strive to be taken seriously for our ideas and efforts in any organization. Through my Leadership Coaching program, I can provide you the proper tools to increase your confidence, build better communication skills, and overcome any obstacle in the workplace.

Ashley A

Occupation: CFO
Country: United States
Age: 49

"There are things I had held in for years (decades) and with Kamini's help, I was able to let them surface, and challenge myself in new ways I didn't think possible"

I don’t know where to begin with this incredible woman! I have worked with Kamini now for over a year, and every penny has been worth it! There’s been deep topics we’ve confronted about my past and I’ve never felt judged by her gentle soul. There are things I had held in for years (decades) and with Kamini’s help, I was able to let them surface, and challenge myself in new ways I didn’t think possible. I believe that Kamini gives the right dosage of love, and discipline (maybe more love) to bring you to your fullest potential. She works with an infinite amount of care for her clients that you will feel in the first minutes of a session. And I can proudly say, she is still to this day one the safest spaces/person I trust in my life. I highly recommend Kamini. Don’t look elsewhere!

What is Leadership Coaching & Why do I need it?

Mistreatment in an organization can affect your self-esteem and sense of self-worth, which can cause feelings of doubt and uncertainty. This can have long-lasting effects of insecurity that make it harder for you to grow into a leadership role.

With the help of a certified Leadership Coach, you can learn valuable skills to make your voice heard while maintaining your true authentic self. You can learn:

  • how to harness your inner strength and boost your confidence
  • speak up for your worth without having to become someone you are not
  • to transform into a resilient self-leader
  • have an influence and a noticeable presence in your organization
  • to improve your communication skills

I find that collaborative coaching is a better approach than therapy concerning self-leadership because therapy typically helps to solve a problem while coaching generally helps to draw out your leadership skills, which honors your persona, along with your strengths and mindset. Through my leadership coaching, we can create a positive mindset of self-leadership, which blossoms into external confidence and assertiveness. I seek to create a space that is free from both judgment and attachment to any potential outcomes, allowing you to discover and follow your vision of who you want to be.

You are already a complete and whole individual with so many unique gifts. Together, we will help bring out those abilities and you will see for yourself all the unique gifts you have to offer.


Occupation: Lawyer
Country: United States
Age: 35

Kamini has been an instrumental piece of my puzzle on the road to healing and self-discovery.

Kamini has been an instrumental piece of my puzzle on the road to healing and self-discovery. She holds a heart gentle enough and a spirit open enough to really see you as you are and to hold a space for you as she helps to guide you back to your most authentic self. In her presence, I was able to be open and honest with myself, and unlock doors within that I had kept locked away for far too long. I highly recommend sessions with Kamini!

Leadership Coaching Can Help You Develop Self-Advocacy Skills

If you are ready to start advocating for yourself, leadership coaching can help you create space for your unique gifts and talents in the workplace. Furthermore, you can learn how to effectively speak up and stand up for your values.

Leadership coaching is different and more effective than therapy for this type of situation. In counseling or therapy, you typically speak to a licensed therapist or counselor about deep-seated issues that may be harming your self-esteem. Coaching, on the other hand, allows you to see yourself from a different perspective—not so much what you are afraid of, but what you are capable of accomplishing.

With a holistic leadership coach, you don’t just need to learn your business, but you work on yourself internally so your acquired skills will translate into all aspects of your life—physical wellness, family life, as well as professional life. We can explore what is standing in your way of being a leader at work, at home, or at school that is within your power to change. When you gain self-awareness, set goals, and envision the future, that will catapult you into self-leadership, which, in turn, can help you push forward in the workplace.

A leadership coach can help you identify what it is that you want. In our sessions, you can spend time focusing on discovering your path, without judgment. I can help you envision your ideal future, complete with the changes you want to make and other things you’d like to see happen. Furthermore, the skills and tools I will teach you can help you move forward to pursue all of those things.

The ability to determine what you want for yourself, separated from societal expectations, is within your grasp; it’s just a matter of uncovering it. Leadership coaching can help you do just that.

Are you ready to start living your truth by becoming a resilient self-leader? Let’s chat to find out if Leadership Coaching is right for you!

Find out if Leadership Coaching is right for you!

If you are ready to work with a leadership coach, I offer a free empowering conversation to best assess your needs. Please schedule your free conversation now to find out more.

Frequently asked questions...

Think of coaching as an investment in your future. If you invest in yourself today with coaching, you can gain rewards in several aspects of life—not just professionally. Think of what you have already tried to remedy your situation. Then, think of what you may spend time or money on in the future to try and resolve the issue. Isn’t it time to invest in something that has already been proven to work?

I understand what it means to be busy and having difficulty making time for yourself. But think of it this way: If you don’t take the time now, what will ever change? How could your life be different? If nothing else has worked for you, maybe it’s time to move some things around in your schedule to prioritize yourself.

Everything in your life is intertwined. You don’t leave behind who you are as a person when you clock in at work. Having a foundation for who you are, what you believe, and what your value translates into your work productivity and in your workplace environment. Doing the “inner work” is part of what makes a great leader. When you truly know yourself, you can better lead others in any organization.


Occupation: Engineer
Country: Canada
Age: 39

"Kamini will challenge you to continue to reach your fullest potential."

Working with Kamini has been an incredible journey! Within minutes of talking to her you will feel at ease and like you are talking to an old friend. She is empathetic, wise and genuinely cares. I immediately felt comfortable to be open and honest with no judgments. Kamini will challenge you to continue to reach your fullest potential. While growth can be uncomfortable it has been SO much easier having her in my corner. I cannot recommend her enough!

How can I help you discover your authentic self?