Intention Setting To Attract Abundance

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An intention is a motivating force and the starting point of fulfilling our needs and dreams. Being spontaneous and allowing destiny to happen to you is great sometimes. However, by setting an intention, you are activating your receptiveness and the manifestation of what you want to attract.

Intention setting is a term long-known in meditation and yoga practice. However, it has much broader use in our day-to-day lives.

Daily intention setting helps you reach your goals, fulfill your dreams, and attract abundance in your life. When you set an intention, it means that you know where you’re heading and how you will get there.

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We set intentions all the time. Almost everything that happens to you starts with an intention. When you decide to change your job, to start a new hobby, to go out with a friend, or to wash your hair, it all starts with intention.

For some people, intentions are more like guiding principles, while for others they resemble goals. We set intentions to stay focused on our achievements, needs, and plans. But what gives intentions power? How do you use intentions to get the most out of your life? And how do we set intentions for growth, abundance, and success?

How to Set an Intention

You can easily include intention setting into your daily routine. Some of the effective ways to set intentions involve meditation and journaling.

Mindfulness Meditation

Start your days with a short mindfulness meditation to open and still your mind. Meditation helps you relax and clear your mind of unhelpful thoughts. This allows you to dive deep into the stillness and silence of pure consciousness and to plant a seed of intention. For some tips, you can visit my post on Mindfulness Techniques.

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Writing an intention journal is a powerful way to set day-to-day intentions. Journaling helps remove mental barriers and allows for inner connection. Research shows that journaling provides various mental health benefits. For example, if you are struggling with anxiety or depression, journaling can help you gain control of your thoughts and feelings.

By allowing your intuition to guide you, journaling can help clarify your thoughts and feelings, increase confidence, help set intentions, and achieve your goals.

Each morning, ask yourself an essential question: “What do I want to achieve today?”.

Once the answer becomes clear, write down your intention for the day in your intention journal. At the end of the day, go back to your intention and identify whether you have achieved what you had intended.

As you are setting intentions, three key components should be considered. They are:

  1. Future-focused – your intentions shall be about something you are committed to in the future
  2. Affirmative – intentions shall be in the positive or affirmative. That is they should be about what you want, not want you don’t want.
  3. Inspiring – if you are able to infuse inspiration into your intention, the energy will lift you up and propel you forward.

Studies show that the people who do proactively set intentions for themselves tend to succeed because deciding exactly when or where we will act to achieve our goal (setting an intention) creates a link in the brain.

When we decide that we are ready to make shifts in how we are showing up, often times we need support. As you become aware of the new intentions you are setting for yourself and find yourself in need of support, reach out for a free clarity call.

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