How to Surround Yourself with Positive People

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Social interaction and connection with others are among essential human needs. Various studies found that social connections, love, and intimacy are the factors that mainly contribute to happiness and personal satisfaction. 

Still, it seems that despite the genuine need to connect, a significant number of people feel extremely lonely and isolated.

According to Cigna’s extensive survey on 20,000 people 18-24 years old, almost half of the US youth experience feelings of profound loneliness and isolation. Their alarming results show that 59 percent of surveyed young adults feel that those around them don’t share the same interests and values. At the same time, nearly half of survey participants report sometimes or constantly feeling alone.

Also, research shows that loneliness is one of the biggest fears among aging individuals, who say they feel lonely and cut off from their social circles.

In addition, many people engage in toxic relationships that lack reciprocity, support, respect, and meaningful connection. Although breaking away from negative relationships can be challenging, it is a necessary step if you want to regain self-confidence and feel happy with your life. 

Surrounding yourself with positive people can be an excellent antidote to stress, toxicity, and loneliness.

Why Does Surrounding Yourself with Positive People Matter?

Positive people bring happiness into our lives, helping us become the best version of ourselves. In addition, studies show that close friendships can prevent loneliness and alleviate the effects of stress. 

Also, surrounding yourself with positive people can significantly impact your mood, mental health, and well-being. Spending quality time with positive people can increase your sense of belonging and boost your self-esteem and confidence. 

When people feel lonely, their brains release the more stress hormone cortisol, research shows. Increased cortisol levels are linked to anxiety, depression, and physical illnesses like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Surrounding yourself with positive people can help mitigate the effects of stress, alleviate anxiety, and help you cope with depression. Positive individuals share your happiness, support and encourage your development, and provide comfort in challenging times. 

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You Are Who You Surround Yourself With

Positive people are encouraging, optimistic, confident, and constructive. According to the law of attraction, you become like those you spend time with. So, choose your friends carefully. 

Avoid toxic friends and coworkers who drain your energy, cause you to question yourself, and take advantage of you.

Studies show that positive social connections can increase our resilience because we draw strength from caring and supportive relationships with others.

Dr. John Gottman from the Gottman Institute calls this an emotional bank account.

According to Dr. Gottman, every positive interaction (turning toward a bid for connection) increases the value in your emotional bank account. Your savings in this account can protect you in stressful situations as you can turn to them for support, protection, and strength. 

Therefore, consciously choose to surround yourself with positive people because those around you impact your life and well-being. They make you feel good about who you are because they genuinely care about you, make you laugh, teach you important lessons, and support you through difficult times.

How to Surround Yourself with Positive People

To surround yourself with positive people, let go of negative relationships. This is your first step to thriving, enriching, and mutually satisfying relationships. However, below are a few other strategies to help you build healthy and positive relationships. 


People who are constantly stressed out tend to emit tension and uneasiness. According to the law of attraction, you attract what you send out. So, you cannot expect to attract positivity if you feel drained, negative, and unhappy most of the time.

We are so used to the fast-paced world we live in that we rarely stop to think about its effects on our mental and physical health, relationships, and well-being in general. 

But, remember that you become the energy you emit, as everything we send out comes back to us. Self-care practices such as mindfulness meditation, journaling, and gratitude can help you slow down, let go of negative thoughts, and relax.

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Be Willing to Open Up

Once you start feeling more relaxed with yourself, you will become more comfortable with people around you and more willing to open up with others. 

According to Brené Brown, a research professor, vulnerability is one of the essential aspects of healthy relationships. Brown believes that there is no growth possible without taking risks. She sees vulnerability as the groundwork of innovation, creativity, and change.

Most of us fear this kind of openness because we have internalized a belief that vulnerability is a sign of weakness and faultiness. 

However, this fear of vulnerability often leads to unhealthy relationships and pain. Being able to unpack yourself means that you are ready to connect with another person meaningfully. 

Opening up in relationships enables us to step out of our comfort zone and understand that no one is perfect. It allows us to discuss our needs, concerns, and fears openly. 

Of course, the readiness to expose yourself to another human being does come with some risks. You risk being ignored, rejected, or laughed at. 

However, by exposing the deepest layers of yourself, you show courage to form strong connections, to accept and love yourself and others.

Be Honest About What You Need

Vulnerability in a relationship allows you to connect with other people on a deeper level, improving communication and strengthening mutual understanding and acceptance. 

It allows you to build trust and be honest about what you need. However, to connect with positive people, you need to be honest about your needs and fears. Don’t assume people know what you think or feel without telling them. Such cognitive distortions can lead to poor communication, wrong expectations, and disappointment.

Also, make sure to set healthy boundaries. Boundaries in relationships mean assertively letting other people know what you need and what you don’t want. 

The ability to say “no” to those who drain your energy can protect you against stress and toxic relationships while attracting positive people into your life. 

We all deserve to be happy and fulfilled in life. Read on to discover the benefits of hiring a certified life coach and how together, we can work towards achieving your dreams.

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