How to Find Your Passion in Life

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Many people come to counseling these days complaining they don’t know what they want to do for their career or in life. These people often say they don’t know what they are passionate about, struggling to see a purpose or find pleasure in life. 

This seems like a common problem these days, as many people don’t have a passion. Many people are just doing what they think they are supposed to make a living and get by, without calling to change or do anything significant. Many people just go about their daily lives with no focus, no drive, and no passion. 

A study shows that almost half of U.S. workers feel dissatisfied with their jobs. Since there is a strong connection between one’s satisfaction with a job and the overall quality of the person’s life, this statistic may sound somewhat troublesome. 

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Why Passion Matters?

Pursuits and interests give meaning to our lives – the more interests we have, our life is richer and more meaningful.

Interests involve a solid and long-lasting intellectual and emotional preoccupation with an activity that is a source of enjoyment, excitement, and motivation. Actions that are motivated by interests tend to give us great satisfaction and fulfillment. 

Strong interests that occupy most of our time and energy are called passions. Being passionate about something provides the fuel that keeps us going, helps us achieve our goals, gives us purpose, and encourages us to live better lives. 

Our passions give a meaningful structure to our time, foster relaxation, and help overcome negative feelings like anxiety and depression. 

Studies show therapeutic benefits crafting methods such as knitting (creating fabric from a single strand of yarn) can have for cancer patients, helping them cope by easing stress, anxiety, and depression.

Whether it is art and craft, travel, helping people, sports, science, cooking, or your career, your passion gives you a reason to keep learning and working towards your goals. It provides opportunities to socialize with people who have the same passion, fostering your social bonds. A passion makes the world a nicer place, and it may provide a refuge when you need to process stress, grief, anger, and other disturbing emotions. 

Why Do We Lack Passion in Life?

Many people say they constantly lack motivation at school, work, or in relationships, feeling stuck and profoundly unhappy.  

If you hate your job, don’t find any interest in day-to-day activities and hobbies, or feel stuck in a detached roommate marriage, persistent feelings of dissatisfaction and lethargy may affect your productivity, emotional health, and overall well-being. 

Searching for what you love and finding passion in life can open the door to new possibilities and give a new meaning to your life.

How to Find Your Passion?

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Discovering your passion is not always easy. However, finding one can benefit your mental health, social life, and your career, so it will be worth the effort. 

Here are some guidelines to help discover what inspires you and find your passion in life. 

1) Understand What Passion Means to You

Passion means different things to different people. While some people feel compelled to engage in activities they are passionate about every waking hour; others might be more reserved and experience a steady enjoyment of it without being filled with intense excitement. 

2) Let Your Mind Wander

A wandering mind can awaken your creativity and help you find a passion in life. Studies show that we spend almost 50 percent of our waking hours mind-wandering. Daydreaming can boost your mood and increase the awareness of what interests you in life.  

The habit of mind-wandering can spark your imagination, help you brainstorm, and come up with original passions. 

Pull out a piece of paper and write down your ideas until you come up with something that inspires you. Try to remain completely open to all ideas and possibilities.

3) Consult Your Inner Child 

Your inner child comprises the totality of your past experiences and memories that significantly contributed to your development. No matter how old you grow, your inner child stays within you. You can turn to it for inspiration, imagination, and creativity when pursuing your passion in life. 

Expect your inner child to experience doubt and fear, though. This is a normal part of self-discovery that should eventually empower you to make changes in your life and feel more confident about your decisions.

4) Nurture a Growth Mindset

The difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset can have a significant impact on your life.

People who nurture a growth mindset are curious and passionate about things in their lives. They tend to be confident in their abilities and intelligence and willing to think outside the box and take risks. 

A growth-mindset-oriented people are not afraid of obstacles. They see challenges as opportunities for learning and growth. People with a growth mindset consider themselves lifetime learners, constantly stimulating their brains with new challenges. 

5) Hire a Life Coach

If you experience a persistent lack of motivation, an absence of fulfillment in your relationships, or dissatisfaction with your professional life, you might benefit from working with a life coach. A professional life coach can help you answer some critical questions about your life and help you find your passion.

The right life coach will become your guide, helping you change your mindset to growth, find inspiration, reflect on your interests, and visualize your goals. They can help you achieve your goals and reach a new level of success and life satisfaction. 

Each life coach has a different approach, based on their personality, orientation, and training. Make sure to find one who fits your needs and understand your strengths and weaknesses. A good life coach can help you improve and grow, find your passion, and increase your life satisfaction. 

There are times when we don’t realize that our limiting beliefs leads us to feel passionless, when in fact, they are there, you just need to give yourself permission to see them.

We all deserve to be happy and fulfilled in life. Read on to discover the benefits of hiring a certified life coach and how I can assist you in achieving your dreams.


Finding your passion in life can improve your life on many levels. It can create the aura of safety and happiness you can turn to when experiencing distress. A passion incites an internal spark of creativity, interest, and motivation that gives meaning and purpose to your life.

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