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How to Choose a Life Coach

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Whether you want to achieve goals, make better decisions, or stop unhelpful habits, you may want to hire a life coach to help you with your personal and professional goals, personal growth, and life transitions.

All of us can use support and guidance from a professional, whether it is a life coach, relationship coach, career coach, or wellness coach. A life coach can help you reach a new level of success and satisfaction, teaching you practical strategies and tools you need to achieve important goals and improve your life.

What Qualities Make a Good Life Coach?

A good life coach will become your guide and mentor, helping you change your mindset to growth, raise resilience, and achieve your goals.

All great life coaches should have certain qualities. First of all, make sure that you find a reliable life coach who you can trust to monitor your progress and provide feedback. Your life coach should also be a good listener, willing to pay attention to your needs and understand you completely.

He or she should always challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and change and support you when you feel discouraged.

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Guidelines for Choosing a Qualified Life Coach

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1) Hire a Life Coach that Understands You

Choose a life coach that understands your strengths and your weaknesses. Most of us hire a life coach because we want to improve and grow. Choose the life coach who understands your goals and which areas of your life you want to change or improve. The best life coach will give your confidence a boost and assure you that they can help you progress and grow.

2) Seek a Thoroughly Trained and Certified Life Coach

Anyone can call themselves a life coach these days. However, coaching is based on scientific research. A good coach uses evidence-based strategies in their work, so they need to go through a comprehensive training program.

Therefore, make sure to hire a coach who has been through a coach training program. There are certain standards and ethics that must be upheld when providing coaching and mentoring services.

3) Choose a Coach whose Coaching Style Fits Your Needs

Each life coach works differently based on their training, orientation, and personality. So, ask your prospective coach about their coaching style and then decide whether that style matches your needs.

Think about coaching methodologies, technologies, and activities you are looking for. Ask your potential life coach how they will accommodate this

4) See It As An Investment In Yourself

Hiring a life coach means investing in yourself and your future. Ensure that you are ready to invest your time, energy and money into your growth. Ultimately, it will be up to you whether the investment was worth it.

Most life coaches offer a free consultation which is an excellent opportunity to consider whether they match your needs.

My approach to my coaching practice is to always be authentic as possible. That’s why I make it clear who I work with and who my coaching may not be a fit for. If you would like to explore your coaching needs and see if there is a good match with me, feel free to book a time to speak at

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