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Five Secrets to Help You Find True Lasting Love

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Most people crave finding true lasting love. Most of us dream about a soulmate with whom we will have a deep emotional connection founded on love, trust, and a sense of belonging. 

How to Recognize True Love?

You will know you have found the love of your life when your partner makes you fall in love not only with them but with the person you become around them. The special someone is a person whose hugs feel like coming home; the one who sparks your soul and loves you for who you are. 

In healthy relationships, growth has an important place. Partners in healthy, lasting relationships recognize self-actualization as an essential personal need, striving for individual growth while committing to a healthy union with each other. 

Many people believe that true, lasting love simply happens if it is meant for you to find one. But how to recognize that you’ve found the love of your life? And more importantly, how to keep it?

Here are five secrets to help you find true lasting love. 

1) Understand that Love is Not a Fairy Tale

No relationship is perfect, and each one has its ups and downs. A healthy and rewarding relationship does not just happen; it needs you to nurture it continuously. You and your partner need to work together to overcome obstacles and to accept and appreciate your differences.   

While love should be the foundation of every good relationship, a happy, long-lasting relationship requires mutual trust and support too. 

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Honesty is one of the pillars of happy relationships, while loss of trust is one of the main reasons for their failure. For the happiest couples, honesty is as natural as breathing. Sharing things with your partner encourages trust and feelings of safety and helps you build a strong bond. 

Also, make sure to listen attentively to one another, make decisions together, and talk through your problems cooperatively. 

Don’t try to avoid conflicts, though. Conflicts are helpful as they can help you learn about each other and grow as a couple. So, instead of ignoring or avoiding them, learn and practice communication strategies for healthy conflict resolution.

2) Be Positive

It is not a secret that happy people attract positivity, abundance, and happiness. Being confident means that you know who you are and that you value yourself. So, your self-appreciation can attract meaningful relationships into your life. If you are cheerful, optimistic, and self-confident, you will act as a magnet to positive people who can be the right match. 

Laughter and happiness have the power to raise your emotional vibrational frequency. Research shows that people who laugh a lot tend to think more positive thoughts. 

Healthy humor between the two people is often a sign of a good, healthy relationship. However, sharing humor is not just about laughing together. It also helps you connect and deeply bond with that person. It is about feeling good about yourself and the feeling that you are accepted and appreciated for who you are. 

3) Allow Yourself to Be Vulnerable

When you don’t fear being vulnerable with each other and know how to express your feelings and needs in a way that strengthens your bond, you can be pretty sure that you have found true love

Successful relationships are founded on the ability to recognize and understand each other’s emotions. Identifying and appropriately responding when your partner feels upset, sad, or happy can enhance your empathy, improve your communication, and strengthen your bond. 

True, lasting love is about a comforting feeling that you are understood, loved, and accepted for who you are. It is also about the freedom to be vulnerable and share your deepest feelings and thoughts without fear of being judged or rejected. Allowing your partner do the same helps build a relationship founded on love, support, and trust.  

4) Nurture Love Chemicals 

Attraction and affection have their neurological basics, after all. There are hormones in our brain such as Oxytocin, Dopamine, and Serotonin, also known as the “love hormones” because they are released when we feel attracted to someone, spend time with loved ones, or bond. 

These hormones make us feel euphoric, excited, and energized, often causing decreased appetite and insomnia. Such a condition is typical for the first stages of a relationship when you are “so in love” that you cannot eat or sleep. 

The levels of these hormones increase when you cuddle with your partner, hold hands, have sex, laugh, and spend quality time together. 

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5) Let the Relationship Naturally Unfold

When you find someone who could be your soulmate, don’t rush things but allow your connection to develop naturally. A successful relationship will unfold spontaneously, allowing you and your partner to pay attention to each other, grow fond of each other, and fall in love. 

To let that happen, be authentic, love yourself, and learn to feel comfortable in your own skin. Get to know yourself and learn to set boundaries without trying to please or appease your partner. 

One of the sure signs you and your partner are a good match is that feeling of comfort with each other. You know that the two of you were meant to be together if you share good chemistry you project as a couple, so that can be detected even by people around you. 

When you feel that you can be your true self when you are around your partner, when you can show vulnerability and self-assuredly share your deepest emotions, you know that you’ve found true, lasting love. 

While every relationship is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to finding true love, these tips for successful relationships are definitely worth trying. Building your relationship on mutual trust, love, good chemistry, and vulnerability will keep your bond strong and long-lasting.

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