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4 Ways to Overcome Emotional Burnout

Emotional burnout woman stressed at work

Emotional burnout occurs when you are exposed to accumulated and ongoing stress that causes you to feel emotionally exhausted and worn out.  Emotional fatigue or emotional burnout happens when stress from everyday life (whether personal or work-related stress) becomes overwhelming, causing a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion. Symptoms of anxiety and depression often […]


8 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship | How to Set Boundaries

toxic relationships couple fighting

Healthy, stable relationships have the power to bring lots of joy, improve your resilience, boost mood, and even extend life. Positive relationships help us feel safe, valued and accepted. Research shows that people with strong social bonds are more likely to live longer. On the other hand, toxic relationships can be a massive burden in […]


Why Emotions Are So Important | Improving Mental Health

Emotions happy and healthy faces

Emotions play an essential role in our everyday behavior and overall well-being. Emotions are an integral part of our lives that we use to communicate our subtlest feelings. They influence our perceptions, relationships, behavior, and the choices we make at any given moment. Emotions help us understand other people but also allow others to understand […]


How To Be More Confident

how to be more confident man smiling

Sometimes it can be difficult to be confident. In order to understand how to be more confident, we first need to understand what confidence is. Healthy, strong self-confidence means feeling good about yourself and your ability to reach your goals. In other words, confidence represents your readiness to believe in yourself.  Having a balanced sense […]


“I Am a Burden” (False Identity Series: IV)

I Am a Burden man isolated early morning

Have you ever thought to yourself “I Am a Burden”? Many People who live with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or other health conditions often feel that their illness is a burden to their family members, partner, or friends. If you suffer from any of these conditions, you’ve probably felt guilty and worried about causing your […]


“I Have to Prove my Worth” (False Identity Series: III)

Sign on street for I have to Prove my Worth

Many people spend their lives trying to prove themselves to others. We often feel an urge to prove our worth, especially when we feel criticized, misunderstood, or judged. But what lies behind our belief that we have to keep showing ourselves?  Our need to prove our worth often stems from profound feelings of being misunderstood, […]


“I Am Not Good Enough” (False Identities Series: II)

ways to practice self compassion

False identities refer to the concepts of a person pretending to be what she or he is not, or thinking less of themselves. This false identity spins around the feeling that “I am not good enough” typically involving concepts that are instilled in your mindset in childhood and adolescence.  Kids who come from unhealthy families […]