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The Issue of Competitive Parenting

Competitive Pareting father talking with child

We live in a highly competitive world, continually comparing our careers, relationships, houses, etc. with those around us (whether in the real world or social media). More lately, parents, particularly moms worldwide, are engaging in what is known as competitive parenting.  What is Competitive Parenting Simply put, the term competitive parenting describes our tendency to […]


Why Emotions Are So Important | Improving Mental Health

Emotions happy and healthy faces

Emotions play an essential role in our everyday behavior and overall wellbeing. Emotions are an integral part of our lives that we use to communicate our subtlest feelings. They influence our perceptions, relationships, behavior, and the choices we make at any given moment. Emotions help us understand other people but also allow others to understand […]


The Connection between Thoughts and Emotions

Thoughs and Feelings woman happy outside in nature

Thoughts involve our ideas, beliefs, and opinions about ourselves and the world around us. Thoughts form based on our genetics and life experiences, and they are mostly under our conscious control, which means that we can choose to control and change them. Emotions represent the flow of experience of feelings caused by something external (an […]


Meditation vs. Mindfulness: A Beginner’s Guide

mindfulness and meditation man thinking in nature

Meditation and mindfulness are often used in a similar context, however, these words are not interchangeable. Both practices involve life skills that help you calm your mind and access your inner world by focusing entirely on the present moment. Both mindfulness and meditation offer tools to relax, overcome negative thinking patterns, and increase happiness. The […]


How to Forgive Yourself and Start Healing

Forgiveness man looking at himself in the mirror

Being a human means that you are flawed and imperfect. You fail to achieve your goals or live up to your internal standards. You make mistakes and hurt yourself and others. Understanding that as human beings, we are bound to be imperfect will help you accept your flaws as a part of your unique life […]


The Narcissistic Abuse Cycle | The 4 Stages of Abuse

Narcissistic Abuse Cycle woman crying alone

The relationship with a narcissist is never an easy one. People with a narcissistic personality disorder or narcissistic traits have exaggerated feelings of self-worth and superiority. Your narcissistic partner needs to always be in charge and commonly display manipulative and self-centered behavior. Narcissists typically lack empathy and still blame others for their own failures.  Also, […]


Why Do We Avoid Conflict? How Conflicts Can Help

conflict couple fighting on a couch

We all strive for pleasure and satisfaction in our relationships. A presence of conflict for many people means feelings of discomfort and stress. As we normally want to avoid that flood of negative emotions, we often avoid confronting the issue either by postponing the conflict for later or closing our eyes to it altogether.  Most […]


How To Relieve Stress | 5 Tricks to Reduce Stress

Reduce stress woman spending time in nature

It is important to do what we can to relieve stress for our mental health and well being. While small amounts of stress can actually be beneficial in motivating us to pursue our goals and improving our performance, ongoing or excessive stress can weaken our healthy coping mechanisms and seriously damage our health, emotional wellbeing, […]