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4 Simple Techniques to Set Boundaries

Boundaries couple talking

Too often in life, we go along with other people’s requirements, needs, and wishes because we don’t know how to say “no”. However, having the ability to set personal boundaries is one of the best things you can do to protect your mental health and improve well-being. Learning that “no” is sometimes a sufficient answer […]


Why People Avoid Vulnerability

vulnerability woman ignoring the world

The fear of vulnerability is probably one of our biggest fears. Many of us believe that opening up to another human being is loaded with risks; if we expose ourselves, we will lose love, respect, and acceptance. As we grow up, we learn to make boundaries, create walls and put a façade around our feelings […]


What Lurks Behind Anger

Narcissist man angry and shouting

Everyone experiences anger from time to time. Anger is a strong feeling of irritation, displeasure, and hostility that occurs when we feel physical or emotional pain. As a secondary emotion, anger arouses as a response to other emotions, such as fear, hurt, or shame. At its core, anger is a normal and useful emotion. Anger […]


5 Ways to Help Your Teen Build a Healthy Brain

Brain of a teenager

Although children’s brains reach about 90-95% of adult size by the time they are six, their brain development is far from over. A teenager’s brain still intensively transforms before it starts functioning as an adult brain. In other words, your teen’s brain is still under construction, which strongly influences their thinking, behavior, and emotional reactions. […]


Are you an Enabler? Understanding Enabling Behavior

enabling man holding woman crying

Enabling behavior, simply put, keeps a person from dealing with the negative consequences of their actions. While it is natural to care for and help someone you love, be mindful of the fine line between being supportive of a loved one and enabling their behaviors. Different from supporting and helping, enabling means allowing the enabled […]


Common Humanity vs. Isolation

Common Humanity people spending time together

How many times have you comforted a loved one who has made a mistake saying “Come on, you’re only human.” One of the key elements of self-compassion is the awareness of our common humanity. The mere fact that we are human beings means that we are imperfect and mortal. The emotion of compassion is interactive […]


Mindfulness vs. Over-identification

Mindfulness man thinking outside

Based on her research, psychologist Kristin Neff identified three core elements of self-compassion: Self-kindness vs. self-criticism Common humanity vs. isolation and Mindfulness vs. over-identification Believing that we can intentionally learn to be more self-compassionate and less self-critical, she has developed methods for strengthening each of these elements. And a skill that Kristin Neff sees as […]


5 Ways to Practice Self-Compassion

ways to practice self compassion

Self-compassion is a powerful skill that we can learn and practice. Being compassionate towards yourself has many benefits. When you learn to be self-compassionate, you will begin to treat yourself with more understanding and kindness. You will also be able to experience deeper self-knowledge and self-love. The first step in activating self-compassion is mindfulness. First, […]