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“I Have to Prove my Worth” (False Identities Series: III)

Sign on street for I have to Prove my Worth

Many people spend their lives trying to prove themselves to others. We often feel an urge to prove our worth, especially when we feel criticized, misunderstood, or judged. But what lies behind our belief that we have to keep showing ourselves?  Our need to prove our worth often stems from profound feelings of being misunderstood, […]


“I Am Not Good Enough” (False Identities Series: II)

Woman overcoming I Am Not Good Enough false identity

False identities refer to the concepts of a person pretending to be what she or he is not, or thinking less of themselves. This false identity spins around the feeling that “I am not good enough” typically involving concepts that are instilled in your mindset in childhood and adolescence.  Kids who come from unhealthy families […]


“I am unlovable” (False Identity Series: I)

Woman Sitting on Rocks at Sunset

Your subconscious mind will most likely create thoughts about how unlovable you are if you feel unloved by your parents, your partner, or any other significant person in your life. You will start thinking about how you are not intelligent, attractive, appealing, capable, popular, accomplished enough, and so on.  Doubting that you are lovable can […]


What are Trauma Bonds?

what are traumatic bonds woman crying

While the term bonding typically refers to a positive experience of forming a close relationship with someone, particularly after spending time together or going through a really good or very stressful experience together, trauma bonding represents emotional attachment to an abuser. In trauma bonds, a victim tends to mistake abuse for love, remaining loyal to […]


How To Forgive | The Challenges of Forgiveness

Couple Hugging / Forgiveness

Learning how to forgive is an important process associated with good mental health and well-being. The importance of forgiveness lies in the benefits we experience when we choose to forgive. If you deliberately choose to forgive the person who treated you unjustly, you are choosing not to hold the feeling of resentment. Research shows that […]


How to Overcome Fear

Going down a bridge

Since the beginning of civilization, people have been trying to find how to overcome fear. What exactly is fear and how can we control it instead of being controlled by it? Like any other primary emotion, fear serves a purpose, and as such, has two main functions: to adapt and to communicate. Fear provokes “the […]